Gear Crave Giving Away Design By Humans T-Shirts

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Gear Crave is having another T-Shirt giveaway, this time it’s 25 Design By Humans shirts.

On the subject of giving away T-shirts the secret word is the name of an art magazine posted to my facebook group dedicated to the appreciation of t-shirts.

7 Responses to “Gear Crave Giving Away Design By Humans T-Shirts”

  1. bo says:

    juxtapoz magazine?

  2. emma says:

    after scouring the page, i can’t find anything listed… is this ( ) the wrong place to look?

  3. emma says:

    apparently i was on the wrong facebook site…

  4. karl says:

    Yeah, it was Juxtapoz, sorry Emma :-) no one has joined the t-shirt blog page yet :-)

  5. bo says:

    wow karl, i searched all over facebook for that answer! im glad im a part of that group now. i never found a tshirt group i liked.

    and the gearcrave/dbh contest is awesome!

  6. dan says:

    thanks for the heads up karldogg!

  7. bo says:

    do i get a gc for the correct secret word, karl?

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