Gamer T-Shirts for fans of the obscure reference

If anyone comes up to you when you’re wearing one of these and actually comments on it you know you have found someone especially nerdy to hang with :-) Great shirts from Meatbun


Fn py 01

Agro Polo

Auto Hunter

Auto Hunter 2

Oh and if you like these shirts you’ll love the Wonderland blog where I found these shirts.

5 Responses to “Gamer T-Shirts for fans of the obscure reference”

  1. Mare says:

    Hahahaha. WTF! Why does the last photo (the close up) say “Meat Bun LLC”?! That’s fantastic.

    Its the small things in life, yeah?

  2. Keane says:

    Yo Karl,

    I love my “I press A to get high” shirt from Jinx!

    It’s the only one I like from Jinx, unfortunately…


  3. MOM says:

    Always remember you can’t kill want you can,t find.

  4. MOM says:

    Woops, what you can,t find.

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