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segway betaHey everyone, first off a big thanks to everyone that reads, comments, emails me, lurks, links to me, flames me, and uploads stuff to tshirt war and tdigger it really makes it all worth while. Anyway, i’ve got various plans to continue making this site better, including a t-shirt war 2.0 which will blow away the previous version (it’s going to cost $2,000 so if you want to sponsor it for a year or your a programmer with mad skilz and time on your hands email me).

But todays idea to make this site better is to reward people who email me news tips, cool new designs, etc. so as of today if I publish something that you sent in I will send you a free t-shirt from the collection of samples that I get sent (and when they run out i’ve got $1,500 bucks to spend on threadless shirts). This goes for news and other peoples t-shirt designs (in other words if you send me your own design and I write it up you don’t get a free t-shirt). So when you email me include your size and mailing address.

Also, please comment on this post if you have any more ideas of what would make this site better.

PS. T-shirt designers and companies, if you want me to write about your site, or I have written about your site linking back to me is a really good idea, I constantly check who’s linking to me and if theres a cool t-shirt on the end of it all the better, beside, I need to get my technorati rank up :-)

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  1. Joe says:

    It was a fun surprise to go through first big link-a-thon to see where it all goes! Very tacful of you to not link to somebody for ‘flames’. I think this giveaway is a really great idea! It’ll be interesting to see how/whether that boosts submissions. Oh, and I’m pretty sure you’re already the most authoritative t-shirt blogger :D

  2. karl says:

    Wow, it took 10 minutes and I got my first submission, posting later :-) Damn, he’s in Australia!

  3. Colin says:

    $1500 for Threadless? Damn, I thought I had a lot.
    I look forward to seeing the new t-shirt war.

  4. nick m says:

    looking forward to seeing the new twar!

  5. Andy says:

    I do believe that is the highest rated tee blog out there (36,000 on Alexa), but I don’t really think of it as being part of the tee blog community since the blogger there doesn’t really get that involved with ‘us’ and also covers different topics.

    I’ll be honest though, I was wondering who flames you!

  6. Joe says:

    Hm… even though they might be 36,000 on Alexa, according to Technorati they’re 7,951,183 with no authority, despite having 543 blog reactions? Something seems awry…

  7. Colin says:

    I agree with Joe, you’d think they would have more comments on the actual site if they were really getting that kind’ve traffic.

  8. karl says:

    Not sure about tshirtwatch, they may have a high alexa rank, but the google page rank is 2, that’s almost a splog, every site starts at 5 and can go up and down from there. Google also has 0 backlinks tracking to tshirtwatch which is also a very bad sign. Shame really because there site isn’t half bad, but i think they may have tried some “black hat” SEO and are suffering the consequences. Right now if you do a search for “t-shirt blog” on google it switches between me and – I think they’re the granddaddy of t-shirt blogs.

    As for who flames me, i’m not telling, I don’t reward assholes with backlinks :-)

  9. Colin says:

    I should probably get to SEO’ing a little, I’m not even on the first page for “t-shirt blog”.
    Unfortunately, I’m spending most of my time on other projects designed to actually make money.

  10. Sjors says:

    Wow good ideas you have there, can’t wait to see a new t-shirt war :) One idea I would like to have is a site where all t-shirt shops are browsable tagable and commendable, Thus far i haven’t found a good and cheap solution for it. So if you like the idea for a shirtshop database site, and if there is some-one to sponsor it, I offer free design time :)

    ps, I’ll help you with your technorati authority if you help me with mine ;)

  11. m1k3k says:

    IndieTech is the new line of clothing by my friend Sean at Blue Collar Distro…

    go see it.

  12. karl says:

    @Sjors nice blog, it’s now on my blogroll, great customization and search options.

    @Colin careful with SEO, best way to do it is organically, choose limited keywords you want to get better ranked on and try and get people to link to you using those keywords. There’s a reason I call this a daily t-shirt blog about t-shirts, grammatically terrible, but the search engines like it :-)

    @m1k3k not sure if you noticed, i;m linking to a indietech shirt in this post, and my previous post was “indie tech rawwks” :-)


  13. Joe says:

    Karl, speaking of your blogroll… it needs a bit of cleaning up :) You’ve got two links to ‘spreadshirt blog’ (well, the other one is all uppercase), and We Break Shirts unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore.

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  15. rangga says:

    I like the concept of Twar and Tdigger; I’m sure there are still lots of tee companies want to promote their stuff at lowest cost possible — and at the same time people like us who hungry for awesome t-shirts.

    however, you need a little bit promotion for both of them e.g place banner on Tciritc’ sidebar (instead of text links), announce new winner or most popular tee every one or two week i.e anything to encourage people to participate ;)

    good luck with the new updates!

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  17. alanbernard says:


    Love your site… just a small comment, why don’t you put this on a page of it’s own instead, since it’s permanent? Just a suggestion, that’s all mate.

  18. habib saady says:

    in yours

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