Footprints In The Mayonnaise from Shirt.Woot!

Grafeetiocu Standard 01

Shirt.Woot! linked to me today as their “side deal” so I thought i’d return the favor, Footprints In The Mayonnaise is yours for $10 today and later for $15, you can discuss the design here.

2 Responses to “Footprints In The Mayonnaise from Shirt.Woot!”

  1. Colin says:

    I like the design, but I’m not sure about the title. It just looks like a white foot print, nothing especially mayonnaise’y about it.

  2. Jaleeb Caru says:

    Not as viscous as mayo I suppose. I like it. I think it was initially a much larger print centered, but it could’ve just been the detail page misled me.

    I thought the turtle bit that won was pretty great too.

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