Fix Healthcare or Die… Seriously – T-Shirt from Print Liberation

Yeah, it’s really simple America, you can’t keep running a healthcare system based on growth capitalism, you can’t continue to allow corporations to profit from peoples suffering, you can’t keep letting insurance companies fuck people over to keep the balance sheet looking good. Almost everyone who’s actually driving the agenda wants to keep people sick for longer to make more money, don’t stand for it, don’t be hoodwinked by profiteers using fear tactics to keep you trapped and under control. I’ve had 22 years experience with the British NHS system and 19 years experience with the American system and i’ve got to say, you don’t know how bad the US system is, and how much control it keeps in the hands of corporations. IMHO the US system is more like Long Term Sick Care, there is nothing healthy about it, no incentive to educate, no incentive to prevent disease, just keep sick people living longer.

Oh and BTW if you really want to rebel against the current powers that be, eat organic local food, don’t eat any of the processed frankenfood, avoid soda and fast food at all costs, exercise, meditate, and laugh. Remember moderation in all things, especially moderation :)

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  1. Defunkt says:

    Not sure I agree that we need to have the government, which means you and I, foot the bill for everyone though. There definitely needs to be a better solution so we should take the necessary time to think it through instead of not jamming another trillion dollar lunch down our throats. Bleugh!

  2. Andrew says:

    Whenever you have a basic design and an important message on a t-shirt, it always makes for a strong advertisement. We really do need to fix the healthcare system, but Obama’s plan doesn’t seem like the right solution. It’s better than what we have now, but it looks like it may cripple us in the future.

  3. Pamela Daley says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more! And as for those who say they can’t afford to eat healthy……it’s either pay now or pay later, Baby!

  4. Rob says:

    lol… A really bold statment on a very simple tee!!! You’ve got to love these ones. lol!

  5. I agree that we need to take care of the young and the elderly but the facts are we the hard working tax payers are going to not have nothing in our retirement years like social security or medicare if the goverment keeps bailing out every bank, car company and now lets pay for everones health care in a time when te economy is at its lowest in 60 years I say that we take a step back and reveiw our options and try to salvage what we have left.

  6. Matt says:

    you can only go to the “rich people” well so many times. Then who do they go to next? But I do agree that personal responsibility is a great way to start i.e. eating healthy, exercising and avoiding the FF crap.

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