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is another of my new friends I met at Threadshow, they are an indie label out of Oakland, CA, just across the bay, and they sell all their stuff through Etsy. The design they are holding above is a hand stenciled and airbrushed design of Johnny Rotten on a Union Flag (only the navy calls it the Union Jack folks). As they point out each one is a unique item, which makes the $55 price tag a bit more reasonable.

This design of the Japanese School girl T-shirt is probably my favorite, reminds me of the very lethal school girl in Kill Bill (again hand painted and stenciled).

japanese schoolgirl

In other t-shirt news:
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  1. Tracey says:


    Just found this blog and it’s fantastic. Congrats!

    Currently looking for a few t-shirt designs for our new magazine, so anyone out there who’s interested should go to and let us know.

    Congrats on the blog!


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