Expectations about sending me links and pics

Hi all,

I’m beginning to get quite a few companies emailing me to post about their shirts, and i just want to set some expectations. I do it for fun, so i don’t post everything I’m sent, and it’s very much about when i have time, and what strikes my fancy. Hence i don’t email everyone back, and I don’t post every companies links. I just got a rather pissy email from a company that emailed me 2 days previous, that I hadn’t responded to them or linked to their t-shirts.

Here’s my guidelines for getting posted:

  1. I like pictures of people wearing shirts, or real shirts, and i’m not keen on faux shirts, ie. photoshoped t-shirt templates and will only post those if they are extraordinary
  2. Don’t send me anonymous press releases or form letters you send to everyone
  3. Link to my site, I keep an eye on all my incoming links and am very much appreciative of incoming links



21 Responses to “Expectations about sending me links and pics”

  1. Rangga says:

    well, I feel the same way too after received email from Tee shop owner 2 days ago, perhaps from the same sender. anyway, it’s good for you to say in advance criteria of T-shirt to be reviewed so they’ll try harder to promote their tees -including send you a free T-shirt =)

  2. karl says:

    Weird, I wonder if it was the same company, anyway, needless to say it’s crazy for companies to treat blogs like their own personal mouthpieces. On my other blog which is more related to marketing (and far wider read than this blog), I get some crazy emails from companies pitching totally crap products. That being said, I do get some great stuff from companies as well.


  3. Sasha Manuel says:

    I agree with you, Karl. It’s not that you want to screen their emails or anything, the blogger should have complete control over what is published on his or her blog. I get emails from people, too. I hope they understand that it will take more than just a “heads up” sometimes. And sometimes, a little wooing won’t hurt. LOL. :)

  4. Andy says:

    Totally agree with you about the anonymous press releases, they’re such a turn off with a company, although I don’t mind too much if they give me a personal intro and then some blurb.

  5. alan says:

    Hello. You forgot to mention what size tee to send you. Please let me know.

  6. karl says:

    Thanks Alan, I’m a large. BTW I love the mini shirt :-)



  7. alan says:

    hey karl,

    i sent an email to you earlier, and have since had trouble with emails. did the email and the package make it your way?


  8. kyle says:


    Stick to your guns! You don’t “owe” anyone a review, plug or anything for that matter. Believe us, your readers appreciate your discernment.

    And I say that knowing that your rule #1 disqualifies all of my hypothetical-only tshirts. Oh well. Santa didn’t bring the new screen printing supplies I wanted, but it’s only a matter of time I suppose until I’m fed up with iron-ons & cafepress limitations…

    kyle from kyletompkins.com

  9. Gary says:

    Hey Karl,

    I joined your email list and I’m just wondering how your site works. I would think that you would show shirts from lots of different sites but it seems to be a lot of shirts from threadless. I know they make cool shirts but I hardly think it’s a service to tell people about shirts on threadless. It’s not exactly a secret. So, do companies have to send you free t-shirts in order for you to write about them? that’s a pretty sweet scam. I wish I’d thought of it. I go to a lot of different sites, Threadless, Busted Tees, T-Shirt Hell, etc… I’m amazed that you don’t have more shirts from T-Shirt Hell. They only add about 10 new shirts every week. Oh wait, they probably don’t send you free shirts, right?

    Keep up the good work!


  10. karl says:

    Hi Gary,

    I tend to try and look for new, cool and unusual t-shirts, check out the archives and I’m sure you’ll find an interesting mixture of t-shirts. Also, my main source of information is people emailing me links to their companies, that’s how I found out about ichabods, oddica, Alive shirts etc.



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