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Ok everyone, you can stop emailing me about Torso :-) I’ve had them on my radar a while but was waiting for them to start selling their Tee’s before I wrote about them, I always get people emailing me where to buy stuff if I don’t put a source up. First off I love the name of the company, Torso is an inspired name for a t-shirt shop, and I also love this design “die today and win“. Torso is essentially a Threadless Alum, so you know they have the chops.

Torso Theyare

And just in case anyone thinks i’m stiffing anyone on the threadless gift certificate here’s the email from Matt :-)

Sep 25, 2007 5:30 AM
subject Introducing Torso – yet another t-shirt label
My name is Matt and I am just dropping you a line, as a fellow t-shirt lover, to let you know about a new label I am launching soon called “Torso”. We provide selected artists with the opportunity to design upto an 8 colour t-shirt, using special inks and other goodness.

Our profits go back to the artists in the form of upfront payments and commissions, and also to new artists, allowing them the same opportunity. Given my own experience in the industry with 3 prints at threadless and numerous other prints for other brands, I know how important it is to do the right thing by our artists and customers, and I hope to bring them some killer t-shirts in future!

Attached is a sneak peek at our first 3 tee designs for your perusal. Please consider this email an introduction of sorts. If you’d like to talk shop with us or learn more about our label, feel free, if you’d like to feature us when we launch, even better! And if you think we are a bunch of wankers that overuse commas, that’s fine too. We can also provide higher res images for any news posts, or other such resources.

Have a good one, Matt

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  1. Me says:

    Can anybody tell me why the shirts -for men or women- are like dresses these days ?
    Why isn’t there a standard that never changes ?
    AA changes the standard. Next will be loose or very loose. They call shirts ‘classic’ but there isn’t a classic. They run with hysterical fashion.

  2. Matt says:

    The AA tees we use, which are the standard AA tees, are slim fit when compared to many many other brands. Gildan for instance, or even fruit of the loom sometimes, can be quite “tent fitting”.

  3. hello, Torso t-Shirt Shop already exists in mannheim / germany since 3 years!!!


    think about the name !!

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