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Just found this at Lucky Mule and had to post it. Even in England where I grew up Evel Knievel was a huge phenomenon. I can’t remember if I had one of his stunt bikes that you launched off the red base station, but I know a bunch of my friends did and I have some fond memories of setting up jumps for the thing. I’m sure he was influential in my various stunts that I set up for my bicycles when I was growing up. I took the time when he died to actually read the wikipedia entry about him and found his back story fascinating and a bit sad really.

(you have to scroll down the page a bit when you get to Lucky Mule as they don’t have permalinks for their t-shirts)

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  1. Sarah says:

    but the shirt is Evil, not Evel…?

  2. karl says:

    Yeah, good catch Sarah, i was thinking about mentioning that, i’m thinking it might be so the t-shirt company won’t get hassled by official channels

  3. Cody says:

    hassle or no, I am far less likely to buy an Evel Knievel shirt that is spelled wrong.

  4. karl says:

    Hmm, I actually kind of like it spelled like that, kind of Ironic. That was actually his original nick name:

    “Blair offered to provide the needed motorcycles, but he wanted the name changed from the Bobby Knievel and His Motorcycle Daredevils Thrill Show to Evil Knievel and His Motorcycle Daredevils. Knievel didn’t want his image to be that of a Hells Angels rider, so he convinced Blair to allow him to use Evel instead of Evil.”

  5. Frank says:

    Hey, I was born and raised in Butte MT (hometown of the daredevil), I lived most of my childhood wanting to be like EVEL. We would sit at the annual independance day parade waiting to catch a glimpse of EVEL as he rode on one wheel flying up and down the parade route.
    We could go with our parents to the local watering hole (tavern) and get Evels autograph or a bronse coin or whatever he had with him to give you.
    We miss him , So please don’t disrespect him by spelling his name incorrectly.

  6. Sharon says:

    Leave it EVEL….. I was living in Butte and graduated Butte High in 1975. I was there when he jumped the snake river, watching him on closed circuit tv at the Butte Civic Center. He will always be EVEL to me and my Family. Sharon (now living in Georgia)

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