Emptees – community for t-shirt designers by Big Cartel

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I found this Huge Type Looks Sweet shirt on a community/social networking site for T-Shirt designers called Emptees. This is the site you want to be hanging out at if you are an upcoming designer who is starting your own line, or submitting designs to sites like Threadless and Designed By Humans. I’ve trolled a bit around on the talk threads (which I found because a few kind folks were talking about me) and found it to be an incredibly positive and supportive environment for people to show off their work, get critiqued, and get advice on the business side of things. Not only is this a great place for designers, I highly recommend it if your looking for new and unique t-shirts, everyone is showing off their work, and there is a voting system to promote stuff that the community loves. Emptees doesn’t do any of the printing or anything they just link to where you can buy the finished article.

It makes total sense that Big Cartel would start something like this, as they essentially provide very simple online store and ecommerce functionality that is perfect for running your own t-shirt store. Big Cartel currently hosts over 12,000 stores and has built there business entirely through word of mouth marketing.

Here’s another find from Emptees which you can buy at Designed By Humans. Faces

Great stuff guys, i’ll be hanging out there more :-)

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  1. Blake says:

    Big Cartel has the Midas Touch. Everything they do is solid.

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