For any fans of “emo girl” will love this T. (an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck :-)

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  1. Owned says:

    your such a fucking retard, boo fucking hoo, a bird died, get fucking used to it, it happens alot. look people die everyday now shut up and kill yourself if you find life hard you retard.

    http://www.myg0t.com is a good place to film and show your death.

  2. gothic_emosexual says:

    people who hate emo’s are retards….i hate them….just coz they dont understand

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  4. emo gothik psycho says:

    omfg!!!that dude is mean!!!hold on 1 sec…..BOOM!!!!! yes!!!got im!!! emos and goths r the best it has been proven.SO FUKK U OWNED.

  5. fucking emos says:

    gothic shutup, your sucha pussy, shut the fuck up you baby. god emos are useless.

  6. emos are gay says:

    emo’s are s fulla shit stabby rip stab stab, especially emo lads, if your gunna kill ya self go do it, be like a normal individual and just deal with it, infact no just bring me the knife ill do it for you, you useless pieces of shit you cant even dispose of yourself correctly. and what the fuck is with your tight jean? I’m sorry but god, do you not have balls man? maybe you would stop ya whining if ya ball could actually breathe. when i see you people walking down the street you make me feel sick, i understand life maybe hard but its no where as bad as those african children, but no you dont see them trying to top themselves so next time u go all depressive think about them or just remember this, you are a Siamese twin, joined at the shoulder your brother connected to you is gay, your not he has a date coming over tonight, you only have on ass.

  7. Emo says:

    Can not see video :(

  8. sandra says:

    seems, the page is gone :(

  9. emo says:

    Can not see video :(

  10. Sara W. says:

    emos are just dumb.

    emotards.com is halarious and proves this point.

  11. Discount says:

    emo emo emo emotion

  12. mayanetwork says:

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  14. Rawr Pix says:

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