Drupal Vader and RoboGames

drupal vader

Well I went out on friday for a happy hour co-hosted by hosting company (and awesome SF, art, culture and all round coolness blog) Laughing Squid (aka Scott Beale) and Robo Games organizer David Calkins. Scott (pictured below, sorry for the crappy picture) was sporting this awesome Darth Vader T-shirt and I discovered that it’s actually based on the Drupal logo and was just some schwag that the Raincity Studios team (a drupal based developer/community builder) put together for SXSW. I wish they would sell the damn thing, it’s awesome.

drupal logo


Some other really interesting bloggers at this event were Simone who authors SuicideBots about, you guessed it Robots; Ariel who writes ShakeWellBeforeUse on sex, advertising, and tech; Violet Blue who has a media empire built around sex, erotica and education; and video blogger and producer extaordinare of Geekentertainment.tv Eddie Codel.

BTW the next RoboGames is coming up in June and will be at Fort Mason in SF, take a look at some of the videos, looks like a blast:

Event Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 12-15, 2008
Time: Fri: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Sat: Noon-10 pm (ten hours of fun!!! )
Sun: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Where: Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, California

Kind of monster truck racing for nerds :-) You can buy tickets here, a nice touch is that active duty servicemen and their dependents get in free.

There is a secret word but you have to guess this time :-)

18 Responses to “Drupal Vader and RoboGames”

  1. nadiv says:


  2. Mike Pond says:

    is the word Drupal?

  3. karl says:

    I’ll give you a clue, it’s something mechanical

  4. Erin says:

    Is the secret word schwag?

  5. karl says:

    That would have been a good one Erin, I may have to use that in the future :-)

  6. Erin says:


  7. Erin says:


  8. Mike Pond says:

    its robots!

  9. karl says:

    It’s Robot :-) Erin wins!

  10. Erin says:

    Awesome!!!! wow, that rocks.

  11. karl says:

    So what do you guys think, is it better to have the word in the post and people have to guess? or is it better just to put the word at the end of the post so the first reader gets it?

  12. Erin says:

    Guessing was fun, maybe mix it up between that, and posting the word?

  13. nadiv says:

    well the problem with guessing is that you could, in theory, decide the secret word only after seeing some guesses (I’m not saying you do that, it’s just possible). Maybe you should try to have some riddle were the person to guess the answer will know for sure his/her guess was right?

  14. karl says:

    Yeah, that’s a good point Nadiv, it just means I have to be clever and i’m not very good at that :-) but i’ll give it a go

  15. nadiv says:

    The simplest way to do so, is to have a=1, b=2 … z=26 and give the sum of letters in the secret word in advance.

  16. Blake says:

    This game is fun, who has the fastest feed reader?? Or should I say, who checks their feed reader every 10 minutes for the latest tcritic post?

  17. fadi says:


  18. Love this one for the ladies. it is cool and different which is hard to pull off in the t shirt industry.

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