Detention Report

What a wonderful picture this detention report creates in your mind, makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes :-) I found this little gem on the Johnny Cupcakes blog, who BTW is a finalist as one of Business Weeks “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs”.

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  1. Jason says:

    reminds me of when i was in second grade and i would go up to the pencil sharpener and “hulk out”. I would unbutton my shirt all the way and stomp back to my desk, while growling. Never got in trouble for it once. Ah, the 70s

  2. theGoat says:

    rofl! I once got detention in elementary school for tucking one o my arms in my shirt and recounting how Victor Charlie took it away from me in the Nam. My teacher also sent home a note suggesting that my Mom not let me watch episodes o China Beach in the future.

  3. karllong says:

    LOL, Jason, I also remember the desire to rip shirts and pop buttons for hulk like effects, ahh, yes the 70's :-)

  4. karllong says:

    Love it, I think we also did that at school but it was more along the lines of playing disabled people…. kids :-)

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  6. Kelly says:

    Haha. Announcing he was superman. <3… this guy has balls.


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