Design Police – Should be a T

These are a couple of screenshots from the web site, essentially these are labels that you print out and use it to critique design work. They are of course brilliant little phrases honed to skewer common mistakes by bad designers and people not trained in graphic design.

Designpolice 2

My particular favorites are “Unnecessary use of Photoshop effect” “Please don not use Word Art” and of course “Comic Sans is Illegal”


I think a set for T-Shirt designers would be awesome, things like “Unoriginal idea” “Over use of beer pong” and “Remove arrow pointing at penis”

8 Responses to “Design Police – Should be a T”

  1. MiNGLED says:

    “bad use of clip art”, “too many colours”, “use of a risqué but tired slogan”, “illustrating frat boy fantasies” the list could be endless. However most of the labels from the Design Police could easily be used.

  2. Aaron B says:

    That Design Police site is rad.

    I think the most common pitfall for tees is just the simple “copy cat” routine … Pedro, McLovin, Dunder Mifflin, “That’s how I roll” …

  3. ME says:

    How about pretentious self-important asshole

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Even a bad design can be successful. Note that they consider “in bad taste” and “makes no sense”. However, I’ve seen plenty of t’s that where in bad taste… Just go look at and I don’t understand half the garbage on t-shirts now. I suppose they probably just make obscure references to garbage that I’ll never be interested in… still. Doesn’t make them any less successful.

  5. Sure, any one of the individual sayings would work as a standalone shirt but the sheet, taken together, is a boatload of bananas in baboon bay.

    Of course, for those of us that troll the Cafepresses, Zazzles, and Spreadshirts of the world looking for neat designs being able to leave ‘tag’ these on yet another generic storefront would also be tops. :p

  6. Kenny says:

    You know, someone should make a website that reviews BAD t-shirts, and put these stickers on them. I’d read that blog.

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