Derby Of The Damned yeah threadless


I’ve been following this t-shirt since the voting stage and had absolutly no doubt it would be made into a t-shirt, check it out Derby of the Damned FTW :-)

If you want some real Derby action check out BAD, the Bay Area Derby Girls a San Francisco all girls flat track derby league, these girls are hard core.

Bay Area Derby Girls Via thrillist

6 Responses to “Derby Of The Damned yeah threadless”

  1. nick m says:

    now this is one threadless design i like. it kinda breaks the mould.

  2. Alvaro Arteaga says:

    Hey!, i posted a design in threadless. Hope you can vote for it!! thanks and be well

  3. Brendan says:

    I went to the Nashville “Rhythm & Bruisers” Roller Derby Halloween showdown and it was excellent! We lost, but it was damn exciting.

  4. derek says:

    Great Design!!!

  5. Nike says:

    That is a really cute shirt. I want to have one.

  6. Billishirts says:

    There are some awesome designs on this site. Where is this t-shirt from? Nice to see that roller derby is making a comeback!

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