Delilah T-Shirt by Faveur


Delilah is a great t-shirt from Faveur that is even on display at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). Faveur is a t-shirt company that is using t-shirts as an artform with a purpose, believe it or not they are primarily Christian inspired designs, although I didn’t find them overt or evangelical. They seem to me to be great designs first, and christian second which I think is probably the right balance, I am really not a big fan of companies that use religion as their primary marketing and segmentation vehicle. You can read more about them here at Infuse Magazine.

Big hat tip to T-Shirt Island who submitted this design to Tdigger (so go vote :-)

3 Responses to “Delilah T-Shirt by Faveur”

  1. Rangga - tshirt island says:

    Thanks for link love — actually I never known diggin’ can be this fun, I mean seldom people vote when I digg a T-shirt at… but at Tdigger, heck, everything is about T-shirt. well done Karl =)

  2. karl says:

    Cool man, thanks back for being an active contributer on tdigger :-) I know what you mean about digg, very few t-shirts there get much attention at all.

  3. nakedpastor says:

    one of the most vivid artistically, in my opinion!

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