Dear Lucifer

Done by street artist Sixteen I think this would make a great t-shirt, maybe two, one with the God one and one with Lucifer. Anyway, don’t rip him off, the one above was an art student that copied him and the one below is his original. You can also support him by buying some of his prints at which are pretty damn cool. He also blogs here at Le Crap, yes he’s Canadian.

Via Ffffound and tracked down to This Machine Kills

I also found this at which is frickin awesome:

Signed and numbered limited to 500, hand pulled screenprint.

3 Responses to “Dear Lucifer”

  1. Erin says:

    I totally agree, it needs to be a shirt, and I love that he’s Canadian like me. The second one is just kick ass.

  2. SIXTEN says:

    Cheers, glad you like it. It was and will again be T’s as well as screen printed posters, don’t worry.

    Oh and I’m not Canadian, I just live here.

  3. Discount says:

    Signed and numbered limited to 500 ———— classic

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