David Lee Nagal – and Tcritic’s Birthday

david lee nagel

David Lee Nagel is a new t-shirt from the amazingly named Art in the age of Mechanical reproduction and is part of their spring/summer 2008 collection which you can see here. I should have one of these in the mail so i’ll update this when I get it with some close-ups etc.

On another topic May 7th is Tcritic’s 2nd birthday and I’d love to figure out something fun to do, any ideas feel free to add a comment here or drop me an email. The last couple of years have been so much fun and i’ve learned so much it’s been really incredible. I’ve tried my best over the last year to involve you guys as much as possible and I really appreciate it so much any time you make a comment or send me an email. I have to apologize that I can not reply to most of the emails I get but I do read them all.

Ironically the first post ever on Tcritic was Nobody Reads My Blog from Jinx

nobody reads my blog

9 Responses to “David Lee Nagal – and Tcritic’s Birthday”

  1. Jess says:

    Wow, happy birthday Tcritic!!! PARTY ON MAY 7TH! ;)

  2. daniel says:

    congratulations!!! i read from mexico and i like give a gift for you because i know “tshirt world” for you. i bougth in a threadless 10 shirts!!! congratulations one more time

  3. Ben says:

    You should put up a best shirt(s) of the past tcritic year.

  4. The Mad Finn says:

    You mean people read your blog now then?

    j/k :)

    Congratulations Mr. T-Shirt Internet Mogul!

  5. dan says:

    Tcritic Karlguy happybirthday mandude!

  6. Erin says:

    I would love to see a list of your top 10 fave shirts of the past year.

  7. karl says:

    @ben & @Erin good idea on the top ten of the last year, i’m going to work on that. Any other ideas? Actually on May 7th i’m going to be taking my motorcycle to the Infinion race track up in Sonoma so I should get this post beforehand http://www.infineonraceway.com/ – Here are some pics from when I took my bike to willow springs http://www.flickr.com/photos/karllong/sets/72157601125928181/ got it up to 157 that weekend :-0

  8. Ben says:

    Hey karl kinda off topic
    Just wanted to let you know i got two shirts from threadless with thaaa gift certif:



    So basically this is to say Thanks you rule!

    I heart Tcritic.

  9. Gina says:

    Hey, that post leeavs me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!

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