Darth Pez – New Tcritic T-Shirt and Bonus for next 14 orders

Darth Pez is a new shirt in my line based on a linocut from our artist friend Eric Rewitzer. It’s hand screened on an American Apparel silver t-shirt and it’s currently on sale for $18. As a bonus I’m giving away a $25 Threadless gift certificate for the next 14 orders of any of my shirts, how’s that for a great deal :-)

4 Responses to “Darth Pez – New Tcritic T-Shirt and Bonus for next 14 orders”

  1. nizam says:

    fantastic for more ption u cna www.

  2. drags says:

    This is a kewl shirt. Why don't they make them in 5x? KKIMB…………

  3. drags says:

    does anyone know of security guard pez? im security guard in mesa, az and would love to have one like me. lazy sitting down. kewl thing with big belly, huge mole on forehead and missing teeth.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi, i was wondering are you still selling this t shirt? if so do you have a men’s medium?\

    thanks, love Jenn

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