Cute Overload T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts

Go Ape shirts has just released a new design called The Ultimate Cute Shirt. Funnily enough Go Ape is also 2 years old which means it’s almost as old as Tcritic :-) No wonder i like their shirts so much, we’re like internet siblings.

Also I was wearing this Go Ape design “the zombies of oz” yesterday at the Haight St fair and got lots of comments. Found some amazing stuff at the Haight st fair and took loads of pictures so look out for a big update this week.

Zombies of oz

BTW Threadless is extending their $10 sale through midnight tonight so get your shirt on!

7 Responses to “Cute Overload T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts”

  1. Ben says:

    That’s a pretty darn cute shirt.

    and for threadless, just got this one:

    i think its really innovative for a shirt, it reminds of that DBH blackbirds one

  2. The style seems to be going this way with the t shirts that have a design that takes up the whole shirt almost. I am kinda starting to like the idea allot but this shirt gives me an 80′s feeling. By the way, the project wonderful you are using for ads are great and I found out about by you so thanks, I just set them up for my blog and they work perfect.

  3. Andy-Rethink says:

    Go ape shit is always sick. This reminds me of LF epidemic in a style way.

  4. That ultimate cute tshirt is ultimately cute. It’s all about bright this summer.

  5. Thanks Karl and the rest of you! Believe it or not, the shirt is actually even brighter in person.

  6. taddict says:

    go ape is awesome, i have been a fan for awhile and my favorite design is hip hop hibernation.. this one is pretty sweet as well.

  7. Theo says:

    Funny, it doesn’t *look* like a Cute Overload T-shirt… ;)

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