Create Your Own T-Shirt Mashups at InnerTee

InnerTee has created an intriguing set of tools that enable you to mix and match designer contributed artwork and get it printed on T-Shirts. When you’ve created a “mix” you can share it with the wider community and even sell it online. Here’s a pretty simple mix I created, and if you go and browse a shirt you can choose “remix” and create a different design based on the same graphic components.

skull poop

It’s a very nice set up where designers can contribute the design elements and the community can mix them up, obviously with varying results :-)

Inner T

One thing that I think they should work on is scaling the graphics. Right now the graphics are only available in the size they were contributed. You would hope with vector based graphic programs that if they take EPS or AI files they should be able to scale the graphic on the T.

I’m not quite clear on who gets what when a t-shirt is sold, because you have the designers who have created the graphic components, the “mixer”, and of course innertee who prints it (high quality screens from what I understand).

Feel free to send send any cool mixes you’ve done, or add them to t-shirt war.

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  1. Joe says:

    They currently can’t scale the elements because they screenprint everything (so the images can only be whatever size they are on the screens).

    The artists either get a royalty on each of their elements when it gets used or a certain lump sum up front.

  2. Andy says:

    Back when I previewed IT I think their pay structure was that innertee would charge for the tee (perhaps a few bucks over the wholesale price to cover theselves) and then the artist set the price for their element and would then receive 100% of the price of the element. It might have changed now though since they’ve been beta-ing for so long.

    Here’s my mix/review, it shows why I write about tees rather than design them!

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  4. Miles says:


    Thanks for the post! Andy & Joe are right. We are limted right now w/scaling but are looking at offer different sizes for each element at some point.

    No changes to the payout – still the same!

  5. Amanda says:

    These are some really great ideas! did our teams custom t-shirts, and helped us with the art and design! They did an awesome job!

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