Cougar Magnum T-Shirt from Vig Tees

Just found out about Vig Tees and I love their line, and having just turned 39 i’m probably getting into cougar territory and could probably use a Cougar Magnum T-shirt. At first glance it kind of looks like another college humor t-shirt site, but I find their designs have an additional element of sophistication, especially the Finger Bang t-shirt :-)

5 Responses to “Cougar Magnum T-Shirt from Vig Tees”

  1. Coty says:

    That hand grenade tee at VIG is pretty tight. Thanks for the link, Karl!

  2. The Mad Finn says:

    Great looking shirts. My favorite is the Che Guevara shirt. Very funny.

  3. what a great t shirt. its similar to the one i found on this site:

  4. A fabulous shirt I ever seen,I am enlightened once i've seen it.Surely I have to buy many of them,for my stock and for my additional collection of shirts.

  5. bodybyvi says:

    Nice looking shirt.

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