Cool Scuba Related T-shirts from Bent Air

Bent Air is a t-shirt company that specializes in SCUBA related t-shirts, and i’ve got to say it’s really refreshing to see a very niche t-shirt company that has decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and do some really nice, limited edition t-shirts. The effort and attention to detail they have put into this means their t-shirts, although all scuba related, are suitable for anyone.

Tough Stuff



Nice little details on the back of their shirts
Seamsmom 500b

6 Responses to “Cool Scuba Related T-shirts from Bent Air”

  1. Philip Shade says:

    Nice designs, I LURVE the squid shirt!

  2. Phashion says:

    I like that brown T-shirt . I noticed one thing this T-shirt is worn by a girl .

  3. fashion says:

    Great underwater collection
    Very fashionable and very cool looking T-shirts

  4. I definitely like the first one, the brown one. Very fashionable Ts. -Omar

  5. Black Bikini says:

    Great T’s! Are they still around?

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