Consume Everything from Origin68


I love the idea behind this Origin68 t-shirt, the irony of course that i’m promoting consumption of this thing while somehow looking down on the act of consumption. That being said the t-shirt industry has been one of the leading examples of the concept of consumer on it’s head, look at threadless, their doing more than 18M a year (and that’s an old figure) and their whole product development process is driven by their customers. Look at Cafepress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, all putting the power of creativity in the hands of consumers. In many ways the internet kills the old concept of the passive consumer, that is a person that eats product and craps cash, and are now driving what is made for them, and using the web to wrestle power from corporations. Now we’re posting on blogs, commenting on forums, rating products, making companies transparent and rejecting shit. Anyway, I found this shirt from the T-Shirt Appreciation Society group that I started on Facebook (already 40 members), so check it out.

consumer close up

If you’re interested in how the internet is changing consumer culture you should check out the, the cluetrain manifesto, and this site trendwatching, i particularly recommend Transparency Tyranny, Crown Clout and Customer Made.

Hmm, end rant :-)

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  1. [...] T-critic has an interesting post about how the internet is changing consumer culture and that consumers have so many opportunities to interact and create their own products.  Karl provides some nice links to other sites about consumerism.  He also includes a link to a new Facebook group – T-shirt Appreciation Society.  The group already has 50 members and some great links to other t-shirt shops and sites. [...]

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