Clone War Veteran

Clonewarsvetran 01

Please, can someone make this into a t-shirt :-)

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  1. [...] And here’s some inspiration for a t-shirt digg_url = ‘’; digg_title = ‘top ten star wars t-shirts’; digg_bodytext = ‘Your Empire Needs You! Probably my fav star wars t-shirt ever, the only problem is I can’t find where to buy it any more, used to be carried by Leapstore in the UK but they stopped carrying it, I’ll pay $50 to $100 for it depending on condition. Originally blogged here and a version from Chunk [...]‘; digg_skin = “compact”; ( function() { var ds=typeof digg_skin==’string’?digg_skin:”; var h=80; var w=52; if(ds==’compact’) { h=18; w=120; } var u=typeof digg_url==’string’?digg_url:(typeof DIGG_URL==’string’?DIGG_URL:window.location.href); document.write(“”); } )()           0 Vote Filed under: T-Shirts   |   Tags: No Tags. Related Entries [...]

  2. [...] And here’s some inspiration for a t-shirt [...]

  3. [...] And here’s some inspiration for a t-shirt [...]

  4. dum says:

    really really really dum

  5. fdga says:

    This is coming from someone who can’t spell ‘dumb’

  6. godspinky says:

    funniest thing ive seen all night…….omg im a geek lol

  7. Jake says:

    This is fake. Notice that all the H’s are tilted exactly the same way

  8. bacon says:

    there’s 2 H’s in that and secondly, if you want to get into retard detail instead of finding general amusement in something so funny, the second H is thicker then the first.

    I guess it was photoshopped to look like it was the guys writing that made the H’s look similar but really was just the same H with thicker lines right?


  9. bacon says:

    in regards to my first comment of it being only two H’s, you say it like theres several of them. “oh Look! the details so blatantly obvious i say! praise me for my observational skills.”

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