Chuck Norris Party This Friday At The Milk Bar and Win A Free T-Shirt

Win the Action Jeans high kick competition and get a free limited edition Chuck Norris T-shirt from Home Room Clothing (or just go buy one)

Friday May 30th
Milk Bar
1840 Haight St, San Francisco

Take pictures with Chuck in the Chuck Norris photo booth!
Drink with Chuck!
Throw Up or Down with Chuck!
Celebrate the man that talks in 3rd person on May 30Th as you talk about
yourself in 3rd person too.

As always get there early, after 11 pm your on your own.
p.s. free Pabst and a bunch of swag for you!

5 Responses to “Chuck Norris Party This Friday At The Milk Bar and Win A Free T-Shirt”

  1. Miguel Young says:

    Well, i know that i´m a little late for this kind of comment, but i really dislike the new layout, and the motive is simple; you cannot “see” the t-shirt print unless you click on the post and enter in its details.
    Since this is a site that, on the bottom line, has as its product tshirt graphics, its really, really, REALLY bad that i cannot have a panoramic view, so to say, of all the content before i decide which one i want to know better, and i won´t (me and everyone else) click in all posts only to finally see what each tshirt is about.
    Thats a big (even if its the only one) flaw of this template. You created a barrier for the proper digesting of the content you provide, and thats very sad, cause the editorial line of the site is very good.
    Maybe others already said that, but this is my 2cents. Unfortunately (to me) TCritic became a bad interface experience, fact that is keeping me away (and i used to hit it twice or more each day).
    PS: i guess that maybe this was done so you could reap more hits on your banners, but if this is the case, its a commercial decision that will kill your product, eventually.

  2. karl says:

    Really great comment Miguel, and one I somewhat agree with. I actually wanted to make the front page more scanable for people so they would have a taste of what was on the site, and I wanted to make the front page more visual and use more thumbnails. As I said I was inspired by Rumplo and Cool Hunting who use thumbnails to great effect. Right now i’m using a thumbnail generator which means I don’t have the best control over how the thumbnails are presented, i’d rather they showed the whole t-shirt. I may go back to doing the thumbails by hand but it makes posting much more time consuming, and this is currently a hobby.

    Now, if my only motive was to increase page views I would have crippled my RSS feed a long time ago, but i’m committed to distributing the full posts via rss so people have lots of options on how to consume the content.

    That being said I would love this to become a commercial enterprise, or at least part of one. how cool would it be if I could quit my job and run a few blogs investing in making them better and serving the readers with cool indie content they are not going to find in many other places. If becoming commercial kills it then I don’t have much of a shot of quiting my job and this will continue to be a part time hobby and you guys will have to suffer with my limited time and limited design resources :-)

    There are plenty of comments on this post about the new design, i would recommend checking it out as some people agree with you and some do not:

    Thanks again for your honesty and candor, I really appreciate it.

  3. karl says:

    Hey Miguel, I just thought of another idea, I might put a theme switcher in here so regular readers can just choose there layout, and I can keep the image front page as default for first time visitors.

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