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I really like these designs, their from a small company called Chor Bazaar based in India that does designs celebrating aspects of Indian culture, without the usual stereotypes. The one with the car is called the “AMBASSADOR: 18 cc’s of Indian Cadillac ruling the roads since 1948“. I personally really like to see good design and ideas coming from where we often associate cheap labor and sweatshops. Ironically a lot of Chor Bazaar stuff is printed on American Apparel.

india postage
INDIA STAMP: Rock Ashoka’s Lions with pride. HINDUSTAN!

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  1. James says:

    I love the vibrant orange India stamp against the deep navy blue shirt … very classy ! Has given me some valuable inspiration for a distinctive line of t-shirts for my own country. Great post and a very cool blog for tshirt lovers everywhere, it is on my essential daily reading list ! Thanks

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  6. Historic car, cool t-shirt.

    I have 2 Ambassador car designs available on GILDAN, HANES, and organic American Apparel if you guys want to see, its available at


  7. nitin says:

    You guys should definitely take a look at my blog at Its a collection of the best t shirt designs across niche t-shirt brands in India. :) Hope you like it. DO drop in comments if you do.

  8. Desi Tees says:

    Similar cool looking bollywood and indian tees are available at American Apparel, Gildan and Hanes are offered, respectively.

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