Celebrate National Grammar Day with Your Retarded T-Shirt

What a great way to celebrate National Grammar Day than with the brilliant Your Retarded T-Shirt from Busted Tees.

If you find any other grammar jokes on T-Shirts pls link in the comments and i’ll update the post :)

Thanks to Soolara on twitter for pointing out it was National Grammar Day :) You can follow me on twitter @karllong.

5 Responses to “Celebrate National Grammar Day with Your Retarded T-Shirt”

  1. I would get in trouble if I try to wear this T shirt to school but I like it b/c some people are really retarded and I'm not referring to mentally disable. Just normal people that are retarted.

  2. This is a great t shirt even though i will get in trouble wearing it in school. but im definitely feeling the words because some people are really retarded and im not talking about mentally disabled people. some normal people do retarted things.

  3. simonok says:

    Hmm I don't have the guts to wear this myself, I wonder if my brother would want one.

  4. [...] Or if those around can’t seem to grasp the difference between you’re and your, try reverse psychology with this shirt from T Critic: [...]

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