Ceiling Cat Is Watching You – Icanhascheezburger T-shirt

Ceilingcat 9xd 01

From Lolcats to Lolrus clearly a great source for t-shirt ideas both Noisbot and Nerdy Shirts are hitting this one fast. In fact just the syntax alone could create a whole line of Slogan T-shirts, just as a subculture risen on the interweb, they could identify with each other in the real world, each trying to out-obscure the other. Just as “more cowbell” connected all those that loved Christopher Walken saying “I’ve got a fever”. In case you think i’m overstating the attributes of the Lolcats read this bit in the Wall Street Journal article which compares the Lolcat practitioners as jazz musicians, and some more serious word from Anil Dash, and Scott Bealle at laughing squid

Caturday Rblue
I Are On Ur Shirt Waytin Fer Caturday

Bukket Asphalt
Where’Z Mah Bukket a classic inspired by:

mah bukket
I Has A Bukket

Lolcat Product 1
Nerdy Shirts

(yeah, Nerdy Shirts is a sponsor but you know I wouldn’t post about it if it cool, i had already given it shirt of the week)

Oh and Icanhascheezburger.com has an official t-shirt of sorts, sort of a lame t-shirt for such a funny site, but oh well, maybe they’ll figure out they’ve got a goldmine of t-shirt ideas in the captions.


5 Responses to “Ceiling Cat Is Watching You – Icanhascheezburger T-shirt”

  1. mathew says:

    Re Noisebot: $22.95 for a polyester/cotton blend? Are they freakin’ insane?

  2. K86 says:

    2/3 shirts aren’t LOLCAT “correct” – I ordered the bukket totebag and the Iz in ur basket leavin u surprises for a t-shirt.


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