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Top Ten Video Game T-Shirts

Cow Bell Hero
cowbell hero

Inspired by both the SNL blue oyster cult skit with and Guitar Hero, this t-shirt provokes such a funny visual in my mind, maybe the upcoming Rock Band video game for the 360 will have a Cow Bell adapter.

This Is How I Roll – Katamari damacy t-shirt
Katmari how i Roll

Heroism from Penny Arcade
herosim detail

Also comes in a baby doll style for your (imaginary) girlfriend

Everyday Hero T-Shirt – Honoring the Unsung
Everydayhero 01

Nintendo Family Tree From Nerdy Shirts
Nintendo Girls lg 1
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Exploded SNES Controller from Huzzah Goods
nes 004

Exploded Wii Controller (wiimote) from Wire and Twine
Prod tii Shirt

and even a video of the process of creating the t-shirt:

Legend Of Zelda, Land Of Hyrule 1986
Legend of Zeda

I know there are loads more out there so feel free to post links in the comments and I’ll update the post

Your Skill In Reading Has Increased By 1 Point from Jinx
your skill in readin
You can’t have a video game t-shirt list without Jinx, they’ve got a few but I particularly like this one.

Atari Controller from Public Domain Clothing
Joystick 01

One of my fav t’s from public domain, although some have pointed out they didn’t copy an original controller, but one of those stand alone joystick/consol games that they sell in the supermarket. Well as long as you’re ready with a come back for your only nerdy friend that will point that out, enjoy the shirt.

Bonus T – Dangerous in First Person
Dangerous in First Person
Split Reason also supports Tcritic as a sponsor

Wiid from T-Shirt Hell

Your Mom Rated E For Everyone – Tshirt hell
your mom

Never Mind The Blocks from Way of the Rodent
never mind the blocks

Mario Kart from Way of the Rodent
its a me

Thanks to my buddies at Seasoned Gamers for some of these great suggestions, seasoned gamers is a community grown up gamers who want to avoid all the crazy kids on xbox live. If your on xbox live feel free to send me a FR my GT is xakto

Video Games Ruined My Life

Video Games Ruined my Life

I absolutely can not resist this Video Games Ruined My Life t-shirt from Threadless. It’s brilliant, ’nuff said. On reflection, the design isn’t brilliant, but the slogan is :-)

Public Domain T-shirts – better than the iPhone T-shirt

Phone Brick

Who needs an iPhone when you could have an enormous brick like this on your t-shirt. Anyway, i apologize for the lame iPhone tie in but it just sprang to mind.

Anyway, more about the t-shirts, i actually got a couple the other day from these guys and the first thing to say is the photo’s do not do these t-shirts justice, the designs are so well executed, the prints so perfectly weighted, the designs so big and bold, they quickly became a favorite in my collection. The Joystick t-shirt is probably my favorite, the design works so well when you wear it even if you’re not particularly vain you will end up staring at your self in the mirror for longer than necessary.

Joystick 01

Bioshock T-shirt Winner From Threadless

Bioshock 3

The Bioshock T-shirt contest is over and this is the winner. If your not familiar Bioshock is a highly anticipated game that is coming sometime in ’07. You can read more about it here at The Cult Of Rapture, the game looks amazing, this is a screenshot (click for full size):

Screenshot 07 xl 01

Cowbell Hero

cowbell hero

The Cowbell Hero T-shirt is something I have to get, this just tickles me in the right place, i love it. Goes along quite nicely with the Herosim shirt from Penny Arcade

Herosim – Guitar Hero T-Shirt From Penny Arcade

herosim detail

I love penny arcade so much it hurts, those guys are awesome, and now they have t-shirts, more specifically a cool Guitar Hero T-shirt called Heroism and for the ladies a baby doll style herosim T. If you’re not familiar with Penny Arcade it’s an ongoing comic strip/blog/forum for all things video game related.

heroism photo

Go vote for it on Tdigger :-)

Galaga T-Shirt from Verte Life and General Video Game News


Another sweet video game T-shirt is Galaga from Verte Life. Where to buy it? Who the hell knows, you might try their store page, but no online stores that I can tell.

Big hat tip to Kotaku and my Mad Finn Friend.

In other video game news, Katamari coming to 360 and Wii with a new game called Beautiful Katamari.

And a threadless competition to design a T-shirt for the highly anticipated Bio-Shock via Destructoid

bio Shocker

5 New Katamari Damacy T-Shirts From Panic

The only officially licensed Katamari Damacy T-shirts are sold by a small mac software development shop named Panic Software, I just got a note this morning that they have 5 new shirts. Apart from the new designs they’ve also added some printing innovations like “shiny” and “fuzzy”, i’ve included an image from both types:



Enjoy, and keep on rolling :-)

tip of the hat

Exploded Wiimote T-Shirt from Wire & Twine

Prod tii Shirt

The Tiishirt from Wire & Twine totally sets the bar for love poured into a t-shirt. They only have a few designs by each one is meticulously designed (see the History Of Facial Hair as another example). Here’s a video of their production process, it’s totally worth a look:

Wii T-shirt on Vimeo

Link for feedreaders

Zoom tii Shirt 2

This is how i roll – Katamari damacy t-shirt

Katmari how i Roll

UPDATE: You can buy the shirt here at Big shout out to for the link

I was playing some poker this weekend with some guys and as is tradition we have a PS2 set up for the losers lounge, so when someone gets knocked out they can play some video games while they’re waiting for another game. Anyway we always have some kind of racing game or something and I said I wish we had Katamari Damacy (a crazy Japanese game), so one of the guys (who had never been to one of our poker games before) then unbuttoned his shirt to display this sweet Katamari Damacy t-shirt. Now of course at this point I mentioned I wrote a blog about t-shirts, and he asked what it was called, I said tcritic and he then said he actually subscribed to my RSS feed, small world :-)

Here you can play a flash version of the game (not as good as ps2 but it does hint at the strangeness of this game). And strangely the only folks in the US with the rights to sell Katamari T-shirts is a company that makes and sells mac software, weird.

picture taken on a Nokia N73

A T-Shirt For anyone that got a wii for christmas

Wii Shirt Large 01

For all those folks lucky enough to get a wii this Christmas here’s an aptly, although a little broadly named the Tii Shirt. Looks like it’s from a new company called See Colon Slash, although thankfully it’s printed on nice American Apparel (although what isn’t these days), and as it’s in preorder right now they must be doing some decent printing. Kind of like the unofficial t-shirt of

tip of the hat to (don’t ask me how)

Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt

Warning: Getting lots of comments (see below) on Mr Cloud not delivering so only order at your own risk

Wow, this is turning into Wii T-Shirt central. Anyway a T-Shirt company called MrCloud has now created a way to print your custom Wii character, called a Mii on a T-Shirt. It costs $19.99 Oops, they mean 19.99 quid, or 30+ dollars… and takes a few days but what an amazing idea.

Mii Head tee 02

This is so awesome and makes me want a Wii so frikin badly, damn nintendo.

You can send us your Mii in one of the following ways:
1): Email us your Wii friend code, we will send you ours and you can then Wii-mail your Mii to us.
2): Take a digital photograph of your Mii on your TV and email the picture to us.

As these shirts are personalised you should expect a short delay before we can send them out.

Also Mr Cloud has some other really cool shirts, including a blast from the past Hong Kong Phooey :-)

Hat Tip To The Pixelantes Anonymous via Kotaku

Everyday Hero – From Mister Shape

Everydayhero 01

Wow, thanks to everyone who’s been sending me links and pics of t-shirts, I’ve found such great stuff. Here’s a recent fave from Mister Shape, one t-shirt for the Everyday Hero’s, the ones who plug away tirelessly everyday, never asking for any recognition, just a couch and a plasma to practice their craft. We salute you everyday hero’s no matter what your playing :-)

Nintendo Family Tree (from nes to the Wii) from nerdy shirts

Nintendo Girls lg 1

New this week from nerdy shirts is the Nintendo Family Tree shirt which will be a great shirt to wear as you traipse from store to store looking for an elusive Wii. Good luck everybody!

NES 004 Controller: Exploded View – huzzah shirts

nes 004 was kind enough to send me this sweet shirt, of an exploded view of an NES 004 controller. So much nerdy goodness about this shirt, it’s wonderful, and of course gets added to the “best t-shirt ever” category. Sorry about the crap photo, if I get some more in more interesting surroundings, or with a girl wearing it I’ll post again, in the meantime here’s the closeup:

nes 004 closeup