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Halo T-Bag T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts

Just heard about this hysterical T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts demonstrating the age old video game humiliation technique of T-Bagging. I actually just had to get a new Xbox after a second Red Ring Of Death failure so I can fire up Halo and get T-Bagging.

On this day in History March 2nd T-Shirt – Philip K. Dick

Trying out a new idea on Tcritic doing a daily t-shirt connected to a historical happening of the day, let me know what you think.

For March 2nd, i wanted to recognize the death of Philip K. Dick, avid science fiction author & explorer of the psyche.

The Dreaming Of Androids T-Shirt is a charming reference to one of Philip K. Dick’s renowned novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” which was the basis for the classic movie Blade Runner.

I also liked “Mental Refinery from District Cotton,” because of the similarity the woman bears to a replicant & the metaphorical exploration of the psychological.

UPDATE: More PKD stuff from Diesel Sweeties, thx boogah who suggested this in the coments

Also you can watch A Scanner Darkly, another PKD inspired movie on Netflix instant.

America, Everyone Hates Us Now? – Headline Shirts

I wore a nice little combination on Sunday of the America, Everyone Hates Us Now T-shirt from HeadlineShirts and Glarkware’s I heart Irony hoodie. It was a great combination because everyone would see the shirt and say “well, that’s not really true now is it” and then I would pull back the top of the hoodie to reveal that I really did heart the irony of it. I see lots of fashion advice around what colors and styles go together, but not enough about what jokes go together, consider this the first lesson in humor couture.

Achievement Unlocked: Left House – New Stuff From Split Reason

If you have played Xbox you will recognize the familiar “achievement” icon that rewards various stages of gameplay, well Splitreason, the specialist in “Gaming Wear” have realeased a couple of fun items. I love the Achievement Unlocked: Left House T-shirt, because sometimes it’s so hard to do when you are trying to finish GTA, but the underwear cracks me up even more :-)

Tea Bag – Apply Directly To The Forehead – 20% off at Jinx!

The Tea Bag T-Shirt is something low-brow and geeky for Friday, a hysterical combination of the Head On commercial and the age old video game tradition of teabagging, great stuff, use coupon code “TEABAGU” for 20% off. On a side note I found this T-Shirt in a magazine that I had never heard of before called Geek Monthly, my only question is why don’t I have a freaking subscription to this?

Me and Seibie at Renegade Craft Fair

(check out flickr for a few more pics from the show which I haven’t organized yet)

Here’s a quick snap of me and David who is the man behind the awesome Seibei clothing brand with his now famous “Make Me a Sandwich” T-Shirt. David was showing off his stuff at the Renegade Craft fair which was a rocking good time with lots of great indie products and clothing. It’s held in Brooklyn, Chicago and San Francisco so I highly recommend you check it out if it’s in your area.

Zero Punctuation T-Shirts From SplitReason and other video game chat

zero punctuation t-shirt

Finally, official Zero Punctuation merchandise from SplitReason, you’ve been holding your breath waiting for this, right?

If you have never heard of Zero Punctuation then you are missing out on a whole world of off color comedy and commentary on the world of video games. Now, you don’t have to be a gaming nerd to actually appreciate these videos either, as they are generally very funny even if you have no idea what “Yahtzee” is actually talking about. It’s especially satisfying if you’re British as he also throws some nice “in jokes” for the Brits and Ex-pats. Zero Punctuation lives on the great web magazine focused on gaming called The Escapist which is much more a thinking mans place for video game related commentary and editorial.

His recent video on the console wars is brilliant:

zero punctuation t-shirt

zero punctuation t-shirt

Another great blog on gaming is the Wonderland Blog which is refreshingly written by a female of the species called Alice. Also if you are into video games and you are not a pre-pubescent fucktard you should check out a community of gamers “over 30″ (although not a requirement) called

Oh and free $25 Threadless gift certificate to anyone that can name Yahtzee’s least favorite game genre :-)

Powerset Katamari T-Shirts

this is how I roll

Last night I was at the Powerset launch party at Mighty (a rather swish nightclub in the Mission). Powerset is a new search technology which recently launched, hence the party, and has set itself the ambitious task of competing with google. Well while at the party I saw this wonderful Katamari inspired t-shirt so I snapped a pic and introduced myself. As it turns out the t-shirt was printed by a couple of the programers who are working on part of the technology that they have codenamed Katamari, because it is essentially part of the technology that goes out and collects things, and you guessed it rolls them up. Brilliant. I was of course sporting the wonderful Make Love Not War threadless t-shirt by Paul Burgess which got a lot of love that evening I can tell you :-)

this is how i roll 2

Weighted Companion Cube T-Shirts


If there was one empathetic relationship I had with a video game character last year it was with the Weighted Companion Cube in Valve’s amazing puzzle FPS Portal. If you have an xbox or pc I highly recommend getting the orange box if only to play portal :-)

A nice picture of the valve shirt from DeviantArt

cake is a lie
The cake is a lie from Jinx

cube hoodie
Companion Cube Hoodie from Etsy

Anyone else know of companion cube paraphernalia?

Another from Sebastian at Split Reason from the web comic Cntl+Alt+Delete web comic.
companion cube split reason

Internet Dickwad Theory – From Penny Arcade


The Greater Internet Dickwad theory of course extends to messageboards, blog comments, and of course xbox live which is the motherload of dickwads.

GTA Made Me Do It

gta made me to it

Next time you are compelled to jack someone’s car and go on an urban rampage of destruction, please, wear this t-shirt :-)

Pink Mink T-Shirts and Accessories FTW

I think I’m in love, who ever thinks up Pink Mink Boutique’s designs has got a brilliant sense of humor, from the Princes Bride inspired T-shirt

Inigo 1 Large 01

to the James Bond inspired panties

Galorered 1 Large 01

to the PWND choker

Pwnd Large 01

Keep it up Pink Mink FTW!

Bioshock Fan Art, T-Shirts, and Philosophy

blood is thicker than water
Blood Is Thicker Than Water on Deviant Art

I wrote a bit about Bioshock a while ago when Threadless had a competition to design a t-shirt about it. The results were ok, but I think there is plenty of room for more Bioshock t-shirts. This design is from a fan art page that Superpunch just published.

Bioshock is an incredibly interesting game that’s story is inspired by the philosophical writings of Ayn Rand, in particular the novel “When Atlas Shrugged”. This video review for the game mentions Ayn Rand and dostoevsky’s crime and punishment.

Video games are few and far between with such literary references, but this game really looks like it’s going to take narrative, story telling, and action to the next level. About time considering these games are getting Hollywood style budgets now. If this game can live up to the hype it will certainly spawn a great many more T-shirt designs.


My copy is waiting at home for me right now, so I can’t wait to get on there and play.

Space Invader Hoodies – From The Cool Hunter

I’m sure Andy will be totally pissed off that i’m talking about hoodies here, but hey he’s been doing some great t-shirt reviews so what the hey.

Very cool designs exclusive to The Cool Hunter and they cost $150. No ecommerce at this time, but you can email the address listed on the page.

space invader

space invader 2

Hat tip to Ariel and her sexy blog

Grand Theft Country – America

grand theft country

The Grand Theft Country T-shirt is ho-hum, but the video of Cheney from 14 years ago explaining why we shouldn’t go into Baghdad is priceless.