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Awesome Funny T-Shirts On Sale for $9

This is a guest post from headlineshirts, they didn’t pay me, they just wrote it, but they do advertise, and they have Relentlessly Awesome shirts.

I’ve heard fashion can’t be inexpensive, and I’m here to turn the world on its head and show that fashion CAN be inexpensive, funny, intelligent and insanely comfortable. Sure, you see the likes of Brangelina on the red carpet in designer threads, but what you can also see is the “rest of the time” look. Usually, they sport some comfy intelligent tees, like these from Headline Shirts.

Headline Shirts decided to spread the love to those of you who don’t enjoy spending hundreds of dollars for a tee. They give to you, the most insane sale ever. For only $9 you can choose from a plethora of designs! From satire to bicycles to local San Francisco hotspots, they’ve got it all, and want you to have it too.



checks cashed

Ecstasy and Agony

Polyamory Is Wrong


Very funny T-Shirt that I found via Unreasonablefaith’s awesome blog about religion, science and skepticism – good combo.

New T-Shirt Company Bruised Bear

covered in frogs

Bruised Bear is a new T-shirt company with a really whimsical and fun aesthetic. Reminds me a bit of Loyal Army, and that can’t be a bad thing. Thankfully the simple design has translated to their web site, I wish more t-shirt companies would make as good a use as these guys have of their front page. Much easier to see what they have for sale. Anyway, check them out, they look like fun stuff and the guys that run it sound very passionate about it. BTW I think the Moist shirt is probably my favorite.

how whale



Oh and thank you guys for the kind words, appreciate it.

“Before anything else, I wanted to thank you, actually. By following
t-shirt blogs like Tcritic and sites like Threadless, Design by
Humans, etc. it really made us believe we could go out there and
follow our dreams. Yea, this is a company, but we started this
because it’s close to our hearts and truly fun. So hopefully, you see
that translated in our designs and general aesthetic.”

BTW 1% of sales goes to save bears, someone needs to tell Colbert :)

Modern Warfare T-Shirts

Screen shot 2010-02-23 at 7.27.46 AM

These are as niche t-shirts as you’re going to find. Only a Modern Warfare player would understand the Akimbo 1887′s (which BTW only f’ing newbs would use :) I prefer the Barrett 50 Caliber and Akimbo Rangers :) Especially since the 1887′s have been nerfed with the latest update. Anyway, check them out on RedBubble.

Screen shot 2010-02-23 at 7.29.50 AM

T-Shirt War is an Amazing Stop Motion Video

T-Shirt War is a pretty cool stop motion animation done by changing T-Shirts. Check out the site where you can order some T-Shirts worn in the video, or you can just order replicas. Looks like they must have done a roaring business because the video’s been watched over 1.5M times. Love that they have the before and after graphics, very cool stuff.

This is also probably one of the best examples of using Youtube to merchandise something, and a great example of the collaboration between youtubers to create something unique and I expect quite profitable.

Screen shot 2010-02-18 at 2.36.13 PM

Screen shot 2010-02-18 at 2.36.38 PM

Hideyourarms publishes the ultimate food T-Shirt List

Hideyourarms, has just published a massive list of 200 food related T-Shirts on his site, here are a couple to give you a taste, so to speak.


75% of the sales will be going to help with Haitian disaster relief: $20 – Buy it from Pyknic

I love the Street Food Shirt here from La Cocina

and this shout out to one of my favorite video games ever, Portal, is genius. I heart Cake is by CripyTees.

Go here for the full list, great job Andy, I know how much work it is to collect this stuff.

Worlds First Augmented Reality T-Shirt

Screen shot 2010-01-28 at 1.47.09 AM

This wonderfully innovative T-Shirt from T-Post includes an interactive game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in what has got to be one of the most fun demonstrations of augmented reality ever.

T-Post itself is worth mentioning as they describe themselves as the first wearable magazine, which I guess is another way of saying it’s a t-shirts subscription service. You pay your subscription fee and get a t-shirt in the mail every 6 weeks. T-Post does have it’s own style and you can look through back issues to get an idea of what kind of stuff they do. Here’s their video explaining the process.

If you’re a T-Shirt company it may be worth setting up a subscription based line of shirts because it really suits the economics of T-Shirt printing, in other words you only print as many t-shirts as you have subscribers, no unsold stock :) Threadless does a line called the 12 club (one T-shirt a month) as does the company Social-T’s, both worth checking out.

Found via Razorfish Amnesia Blog

3 T-Shirts For Haiti


From the T-Shirt Society Hatian Sunrise, costs $15 with $10 of every purchase going to the Red Cross.

Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 2.22.39 PM

At Glennz Tees they are donating $5 of every sale until Monday to the Red Cross.


Help Haiti from Double Take clothing gives you the option of buying the shirt for $15 and donating $5 of the proceeds or buying it for $20 and donating $10 of the proceeds. These guys have already raised $3000 so good for them.

Star Wars & Boba Fett Hoodies 2.0 FTW!

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 6.52.57 PM

Holy Shit! WANT!

I wrote about round 1 of the Star Wars hoodies last year in September and now a year later Marc Ecko has taken them up a notch. Last time only the Stormtrooper hoodie could be zipped up to turn into a mask, and now there’s Darth Vader and my favorite, Boba Fett (oh let me count the ways I love the Boba Fett hoodie as I have last years model). The Boba Fett version I like the best because it actually looks like a sort of cool hoodie anyway with the hood down, but when you put it up people immediately recognize it if they have the star wars gene :)

You can buy them from Hoodiepeople where I found them.

I’ll post a picture later of the original Boba Fett one I got, it ran very big last year and the large swamped me so if your borderline you might start with a medium.

Oh and bonus material, Steam Punk Boba Fett via


2012 Threads – Robot Apocalypse? Galactic Alignment?

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 11.08.48 AM

2012 Threads is a new line of t-shirts which explores some of the lore and rumours about 2012. Themes range from Robot Apocalypse to Galactic Alignment, to Mayan Corn Gods. Enjoy them while the world still exists :)

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 11.11.32 AM

Oy To The World – Found on Valencia St


Jewish Christmas puns on T-Shirts are hysterical, found this one on Valencia St, when I remember where I’ll post that as well.

Funny Nerdy T-Shirts on Sale from Made With Awesome

Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 10.47.36 AM

It’s always a pleasure to find a company that i’ve never heard of before doing awesome T-Shirts, and that’s the case with As an added bonus all their shirts are on sale until December 18th so you can pick any of them up for just $15. I particularly like the “I’ve just developed a theory that proves i’m not a nerd“, combine that shirt with a cute girl (as pictured) and you’ve got nerdy boy kryptonite :)

Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 10.48.00 AM

Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 10.48.20 AM

Awesome XKCD T-Shirt from EFF

This limited edition XKCD T-Shirt can be yours by making a donation to the EFF

The Electronic Freedom Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary of protecting netizens from all kinds of encroachment on our rights. As we increasingly live and publish so much of our lives online the EFF fills an incredibly important role protecting us from corporations and law makers.

You can go and donate to the EFF here and get to choose T-Shirts, hats, and books as thankyou gifts for donating.


5733 Holiday Warehouse Sale in Oakland Tomorrow and Sunday


These guys always have amazingly creative and original stuff, T-Shirts and Hoodies so if you’re in the Bay Area check them out for sure. Check out the facebook invite.

Wonderfully Geeky T-Shirts from Dresden Codak Webcomic


The Copenhagen Interpretation is one those wonderful high level physics concepts that provides a wealth of thinking material for creative folks and can give rise to many popular concepts in science fiction. The idea of having a fantasy camp built around it is a wonderful idea. The web comics that Dresden Codak our awesome as well, like Cave Man Science Fiction, alternate pre-history fan fiction, and 42 essential 3rd act plot twists :)