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Time Vampire by Another Safe Landing

I have just started reading the first of the Artimis Fowl books about a time traveling teenager and it’s good. The first few pages describe a world that while fantastic is instantly plausible (to sci fi nerds) and seems quite wholly formed in a few short pages.

I guess that’s why I liked this flava flav time vampire of sorts from Another Safe Landing. Although I think Vampires are like time travellers anyway aren’t they? As immortals they live outside the flow of time experienced by us mere mortals although they are trapped by the same sequential flow? Time travel is a lovely mind bender. What’s your favorite time travel story?

Sheldon Big Bang Theory T-Shirt Inforgraphic

I recently wrote about a Sheldon t-shirt and got a suggestion from a reader that I might have misinterpreted the shirt’s subject and now I’ve seen this infographic i think the reader was probably right! I want to see this done for the IT crowd because I’m sure they must have been reading my blog :)

Anyway, thanks to fibers for putting this fun infographic together, I for one want to see more t-shirt related infographics :)

CMYK Power Rangers T-Shirt from Designed by Humans

Love this take on the Power Rangers using the classic print colours of CMYK :) Could be a hit with designers I think. The design is by a Design by Humans designer called TheStray who has quite a few winning submissions on the site, you can check them all out here.

Bark AT-AT The Moon Star Wars T-Shirt from EpicEmbrace

You only have 36 hours to get this shirt fro $10 from EpicEmbrace via the always awesome HideYourArms

New T-Shirt Comes In Mail

Via QuickMeme which I have spent way too much time on today :)

Bario Bikes Project

I just heard about this worthy project on Indieagogo that provides a community workshop for kids to learn how to fix bikes and also earn their way to getting a new bike. This kind of community project is very valuable and a great example that lots of communities could replicate. As with Kickstarter they offer various incentives to people to help fund their project including the T-Shirt above, you can also buy bikes, sticker packs and other goodies. Check out the video, it’s a great story.

I love librarians

Nice idea, I could see quite a few variations on this theme. Gotta love Diesel Sweeties.

Another Big Lebowski T-Shirt

The Dude Abides, as do we all. Found this little gem via Design Milk and Society6. They also have prints and a pretty cool laptop skin. It’s got some classic lines on it:

“calmer than you are”
“hey, this is a private residence”
“you human paraquat”
“obviously you’re not a golfer”

The Cake is a Liar

Tshirt woot’s “The Cake is a Liar”

A couple of years ago I wrote about some t-shirts related to Valve’s amazing FPP (first person puzzle) game Portal and am now downloading the game for free on my mac. To celebrate this I thought I’d create another portal related post. I have not been able to play Portal 2 as i sold my xbox and have yet to replace it so I won’t be playing that for a while.

I love this story about someone designing a custom portal level to propose to his fiance, very rad.

Here’s the previos post Weighted Companion Cube t-shirts (BTW I still own the hoodie)

It’s not often your called a pioneer

Glad the Alice Waters post was picked up, she does such great work.

Tcritic is a pioneering t-shirt blog which helped kickstart the popularity of these types of blogs. It’s appropriate then that this week Tcritic brings us a post about another pioneer. Alice Waters founded a restaurant called Chez Panisse over 40 years ago. The cool thing is that this restaurant was one of the first ones on the scene of the local food movement. Their focus is on sustainability and they’re releasing a line of t-shirts called the edible schoolyard project to bring attention to the cause.

Published on Hideyourarms, by YouDesignIt

It helps me be less depressed at the state of the blog right now, I feel like the design and ads are really letting it down right now. Hoping to change that soon, and I’m aslo going to be adding a submission page to make it easier for designers to subit their own work, the email thing has never really worked well :)

I’m playing with a new submission tool at the 100PostBlog which is an experiment in collaborative publishing. If you have discovered or created something please feel free to submit ideas.

Monsters of Grok

A great new concept from Amorphia Apparel called Monsters Of Grok, a selection of great thinkers in the style of great rock bands, a must have for all geeks :) I particularly like the Tesla/Edison in the style of AC/DC, genius.

The Happiest Place In Middle Earth

Love this T-Shirt from and if you want it for $11 you have 42 hours from now.

Limited Edition Chez Panisse T-Shirts supporting Edible Schoolyard

Alice Waters founded a wonderful restaurant in Berkley CA called Chez Panisse 40+ years ago and was a pioneer in the slow and local food movement. To celebrate this anniversary and support Alice’s Edible Schoolyard project they are launching a selection of limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with several writers and artists including David Byrne, Maira Kalman, Dave Eggers, and Sofia Coppola. Another cute innovation is the tags contain organic seeds and can be planted yourself :) A lovely idea.

I really love the cause and the designs are great as well:

Via TheFoodSection blog

Here’s a video about the Edible Schoolyard project:

Join the Edible Schoolyard Project! from The Edible Schoolyard Project on Vimeo.

Full Bleed Series 11 Now Available

Nuff said.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Love the style of this shirt from Concrete Rocket. Red looks pretty sweet and innocent right here from her pose and her freckled cheeks but I think the hooded eyes and the bloody contents of her basket tell a different story. Lovely juxtaposition.