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Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America

This illustration from Patrick Moberg would make a brilliant T-shirt :-)

Thanks LaughingSquid

BTW if you like this shirt and would buy it, make a comment as if we drive traffic to his site, maybe we can persuade him it’s worth his while to license it to me :-) I do pay residuals for as long as we’re printing the shirt.

UPDATE: if you post links to rip off t-shirts on ebay or any other store they will be deleted immediately.

Unicorn Power T-shirt

I wonder where i can get my Unicorn Power t-shirt?

Ahhh, here they are :-)

A New Hope Poster – Should Be A T-shirt

ROTFL, sign me up, this looks like hope to me. Brilliant parody from the geniuses behind Ironic Sans, and yes I would buy that T-shirt in a heartbeat. The only reason it is not a T-Shirt right now is the guys behind the design are not sure of what Lucus Films position would be on the use of this image, what do you think? Fair use?

Thanks to Laughing Squid for pointing this one out.

Number Of Men That Will Die In 2008 and From What

how men will die in the US

I think this is an incredibly interesting graphic that would make a stellar T-Shirt. Unfortunately I have no idea of the origin, does anyone know what designer did this? I found it randomly from a friend on Plurk. If you havn’t checked out Plurk it’s a new service that is sort of like a combination of Twitter and chatrooms which makes for interesting threads especially around images and videos. It’s worth checking out and feel free to add me as a friend.

UPDATE: Thanks to Maja in the comments have tracked down the designer of the graphic, it was Julia Hoffman for Mens Health magazine.

Dear Lucifer

Done by street artist Sixteen I think this would make a great t-shirt, maybe two, one with the God one and one with Lucifer. Anyway, don’t rip him off, the one above was an art student that copied him and the one below is his original. You can also support him by buying some of his prints at which are pretty damn cool. He also blogs here at Le Crap, yes he’s Canadian.

Via Ffffound and tracked down to This Machine Kills

I also found this at which is frickin awesome:

Signed and numbered limited to 500, hand pulled screenprint.

Death Star Grill – Should Be A T-Shirt

ds grill

Dear copyright owner please give me exclusive rights to print this as a T-Shirt and we can make enough money to build a real Death Star :-)

See this and other rejected Star Wars merchandise ideas at Action Figure Insider

I’m F**cking Matt Damon – soon to be a t-shirt

This is a hysterical video where Sarah Silverman, who has been dating Jimmy Kimmel for some times, claims to be f**cking Matt Damon in a music video, it is very funny. Seriously, if this doesn’t spawn a bunch of t-shirts I will be very surprised, please post in the comments if you know of any and i’ll update the post. The movie below demonstrates the source of the fake feud between Damon and Kimmel where Damon keeps getting bumped from the show.

Accordion Hero – Should Be A T

4677 01

Although Cowbell Hero is my fav guitar hero inspired t-shirt, Accordion Hero would come a close second if it actually existed.

cowbell hero

Angels Kiss by Jason Chan – Should Be A T-shirt

angels kiss

This is an illustration from a guy called Jason Chan, an illustrator from Stockton, CA. I came across it when i was walking around SOMA in San Francisco with my family who were visiting from England. We were walking past the Academy of Art University and saw this illustration in the window. It’s such and arresting image, I snapped a picture (admittedly a bad one) so I could try and track it down later. Anyway, I thought it would make a good t-shirt, not sure how you’d print it though as this is really a very fine illustration.

League of Injustice and The Super Duper Friends

File this under should be lots of t-shirts. Not sure what the purpose behind this little viral video is yet, but you can sign up for “free t-shirts and exclusive give downloads” at Man, I hope they do some awesome t-shirts. I think they should get the chop shop involved or do a threadless competition.

Che-Bacca – Should be a t-shirt


This isn’t a shirt yet but you can go vote for it at threadless.

Also, here’s an older image that is pretty cool as well, this should certainly be a t-shirt:


This design was apparently done over three years ago by a forum member here

Big up for boingboing and Charles the lawyer for emailing it to me

Nike Soccer

Come on England!

This is an advertising campaign running in England at the moment for Nike. I think it would make a great T-shirt. It’s a stunning graphic, that really captures, dare i say, the “passion” around football.

The campaign was done by Wieden + Kennedy in London, and they’ve got a blog post that details a lot of the coverage in the UK

W+K nike campaign

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