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Wikipedia is Accurate (Citation needed) T-Shirt


I love this new shirt from Busted Tees, delicious irony.

Virgina Is For Lovers T-Shirt By DirtyMicrobe

Virgina is for Lovers Dirty

Virgina is for Lovers T-shirt by Dirtymicrobe is of course based on the NIT basketball championship T-shirts being spelt wrong (leaving the I out of West Virginia), don’t just comment on current events, get the T-shirt :-)

This Is In Spanish When You’re Not Looking

This is in spanish when you are not looking - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Another wonderful addition to the non-sequitur category. I think this is a genius statement on the paranoia and jingoism that surrounds the immigration debate. Anyway, I’m from England, and we’ve always had an English only policy, enforced by the planting of flags in other countries :-)

Stewart & Colbert in ’08

Yeah boy, this is a ticket I could get behind :-) Talk about bi-partisan.

Colbert T-Shirt – Yep, he’s got balls

colbert t-shirt
Originally uploaded by mrkook.

I think we can all agree that Colbert has got some balls, that mans version of what he calls “Thatchers”.

Go and watch the speech that inspired this t-shirt and demonstrated the Colbert stones