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Steam Wars from Lolmart

Love this Steam Wars shirt from the people at Lolcats, finally they seem to be spreading their wings and producing designs that are not necessarily to do with LOLcats. This shirt is avalable for $15 for the next 3 days, which provides a little more notice that many of the 24 hour t-shirt deals from shirt.woot and the like.

Also, a blast from the past, check out the increasingly inaccurately named Top Ten Star Wars t-shirt list from 2007

Robot Love T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts

while the kids are on standby

I love this new design from Go Ape, it’s called “while the kids are on standby”. Couple of funny things about this, it looks like a little robot porn, but it also looks like the female version of the plug is a little surprised about something, kind of a “penis goes where?” expression, or maybe it’s just me :-)

Catdick 01

From Icanhascheezburger

BTW anyone got any tips on insomnia, it’s 4.30 in the morning and i’m wide awake :-(