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Vote John McClane T-Shirt

Love it, I would vote for John McClane for sure, Yippy ki-yay motherfucker!

More People Have Read This T-Shirt Than Your Blog By Despair Wear

More Than Your Blog 2

I like the humor behind Despair Wear, by the same people that brought you the Demotivator posters which were of course a parody of the nausea inducing successories (who I’m not even going to link to).

I like this one as well :-)
Demotivators 2004 1845016


Obama is the new black – New Political Blog and Lessons in blog promotion


Consider this some innovative blog promotion, create a fun name for your new political blog “Obama is the New Black“, create a t-shirt based on it, send it out to some t-shirt bloggers, get some incoming links and some new readers, and maybe sell a couple of t-shirts. Hey, i’ve got a soft spot for bloggers, it’s often a thankless task, so although the t-shirt won’t win any design or fashion awards it deserves a plug and a bit of the famous “tcritic bounce” :-)

On a side note, Elizabeth who writes the blog is a writer and actor and performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in NYC (Damn, I loved that show, Oh Amy Poehler do you even know I exist :-( ) and even created a little youtube skit to promote the blog as well.

Rarely is the question asked “is our children learning” T-Shirt by Redmolotov


is our children learning” is just delicious, i’m here stuck in the airport in NYC looking forward to be stuck in another one in London and this brought a smile to my face. What’s amazing is just how timeless these gaffs are, I think someone needs to start a “no president left behind program”.

Everyone’s Got A Little Irish in them for St Patricks even Obama


OMG, O’Bama is going after the Irish vote :-) Very creative! I can’t believe this is an official Obama shirt from

Grand Theft Country – America

grand theft country

The Grand Theft Country T-shirt is ho-hum, but the video of Cheney from 14 years ago explaining why we shouldn’t go into Baghdad is priceless.