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Lincoln Shot First by half pixel stuff

Lincoln Shot First

Lincoln Shot First is a t-shirt that you have to be a special kind of nerd to get :-)

All part of Indie-week which myself and FantasticBonanza are currently participating in :-)

Should have worn this to the game today

Greece T-shirt from BustedTees
Originally uploaded by karllong.

Irony? Non Sequitur?

Reminds me of the classic “this is not a pipe” picture from Magritte.

Now that should be a t-shirt!


This Is In Spanish When You’re Not Looking

This is in spanish when you are not looking - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Another wonderful addition to the non-sequitur category. I think this is a genius statement on the paranoia and jingoism that surrounds the immigration debate. Anyway, I’m from England, and we’ve always had an English only policy, enforced by the planting of flags in other countries :-)

I like Boobies Product - Nice Boobies I love shirts that are conversation starters, and there’s nothing like this for a conversation starter.

“what are those” (pointing at chest)
“Those are boobies”

These must be the famed “red footed booby”

Red Footed Booby

My favorite Booby has got to be the famed “Masked Booby”, great visual.

Keep Britain Tiny….what?

A play on the ongoing “keep britain tidy” campaign, falls nicely into my non-sequitur category (which I was worried i wouldn’t use enough to warrent).

Thanks DeathGob.

My Baby got Stole… By A Bear Holding A Shark!!

Another cool, non sequitur from the good people at, somewhat reminiscent of Elaine’s “Maybe a dingo ate your baby”.