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T-Shirt for people that have to be First! by BustedTees

For all you people that have to be the first to comment this is the t-shirt for you :-) Comes in mens and womens.

In this case the first commenter gets a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate :-)

first detail

Ninja Monday – T-shirts from Askaninja and threadless

Ask a Ninja

The folks at Ask a Ninja have updated the ninja mart store with a couple of new designs and as they are also fans of t-shirts as well as t-shirt purveyors you know they have to be good. Also in the ongoing saga of Ninja’s Vs Pirates check out Ask A Ninjas review of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, best line ever is:

They loaded 4 or 5 screenplays into a shotgun then just pulled the trigger and sent a PA around to pick up random words and put them together and then handed that to the actors

I have to agree, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 sucked so bad I wanted to stab needles in my eyes rather than continue watching it.

Apparently the only thing that Ninjas and Pirates agree on is that cowboys suck (and it’s on sale for $10) :-)
Ninjas and Pirates Agree

Bored Ninjas T-Shirt – On Sale At

Ninja Bored 02

The guys at ShirtStain have a 2 for $20 sale for the holidays, I’ve been on a bit of a ninja kick recently so here’s another one, and these Ninja are bored (Is Ninja the plural of Ninja? or should it be Ninjas? clearly my grammar kung fu is weak).

NinjaZoo – A New Way To Create And Share T-Shirts

ninja zoo t-shirt design

NinjaZoo is a startup that is going to allow people to play with, design, and apparently sell their own t-shirt designs online. Sign up for the beta and let me know what happens, it looks like fun. I love their logo, there is something cool about ninjas.

Found via one of my fav blogs Talent Imitates, Genius Steals

Mix Tape Ninja


Are you a mix tape ninja? Mens version here.

Ninja Dreams – From the amazing OwlMovment

ninja dreams

Unfortunately I can’t deep link to specific shirts so you’ll have to go direct to, but the designs are so awesome it is worth scrolling through the designs. Also check out this photo set on flickr of the OwlMovments secret Tee Shirt party they held in Ybor City (Miami), FL. Very cool stuff.

Ask A Ninja T-shirt

AskANinja has now opened a so you can buy Ninja Goodies. If you havn’t seen “askaninja” yet you should check it out, and get the t-shirt, his podcasting bit is already legendary.