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Bark AT-AT The Moon Star Wars T-Shirt from EpicEmbrace

You only have 36 hours to get this shirt fro $10 from EpicEmbrace via the always awesome HideYourArms

Steam Wars from Lolmart

Love this Steam Wars shirt from the people at Lolcats, finally they seem to be spreading their wings and producing designs that are not necessarily to do with LOLcats. This shirt is avalable for $15 for the next 3 days, which provides a little more notice that many of the 24 hour t-shirt deals from shirt.woot and the like.

Also, a blast from the past, check out the increasingly inaccurately named Top Ten Star Wars t-shirt list from 2007

Vote John McClane T-Shirt

Love it, I would vote for John McClane for sure, Yippy ki-yay motherfucker!

Clash of the Titans T-shirt by Psycho Reindeer

Ok, that turned out to be pretty easy but I thought it would be fun, you can get the T-Shirt here. Just found out about this company through my twitter friend sfgirl who also has The Clash of the Titans on DVD :-) The t-shirt company is called Psycho Reindeer and has some great designs which are all $12. I love the video game odyssey below.

New Mark Ecko Star Wars T-Shirts

Now these are some fancy Star Wars T-shirts, I guess with the original fan base in the late 30′s Lucus Arts figures we can prolly afford some $34 shirts :-) I especially like the addition of features like gold foil.

I think my favs have to be the Princess Leia and the Darth Vader one.

Via Uncrate

T-Shirt for people that have to be First! by BustedTees

For all you people that have to be the first to comment this is the t-shirt for you :-) Comes in mens and womens.

In this case the first commenter gets a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate :-)

first detail

Overheard on Tatooine


How much of a Star Wars nerd do you have to be to love this and want it on a t-shirt? Not just me right? It’s by a guy called Doug Savage and the blog is called Savage Chickens. He does have a t-shirt store, cafe press, and none of the hysterical cartoons on them either.

What do you guys think of Cafe Press, if you’re buying a shirt is it a positive or negative thing? I personally like it when I know something is screen printed, maybe i’m a Luddite.

Iron Man Trailer To Be Made Into Full Length Movie and Iron Man T-Shirt

Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

I love the Onion, just brilliant. Of course if you need an Iron Man T-shirt to show your love for the timeless Iron Man Trailer you can pick up a bunch at

iron man

Movie via LaughingSquid

$5 off BustedTee’s Coupon (50 Available)


BustedTees has kindly offered up a 50 use coupon code for Tcritic readers and collaborators. Just type in the code when you check out TCRITIC48

The secret word today is a six letter word which was the kind of animal that was thrown into a bath in the movie that the t-shirt is from.

Law & Order/Batman Crimefighters T-shirt by Brandon Bird

Crimefighters Color Detail

From local illustrator Brandon Bird comes this great looking Law & Order Batman mashup “crimefighters” design. It certainly looks like the Dark Knight version of Batman, which is a film I’m really looking forward to.

Related see Batman lost a wheel and the recent Joker t-shirt

Via Topless Robots

Juno and T-shirts

Fruitful Yuki 01

So I was lucky enough a week or so ago to see a screening of the new movie Juno which was directed by Jason Reitman, who also directed Thank You For Smoking, and written by deliciously monikered Diablo Cody. Now of course this has been getting a fair amount of publicity because Diablo Cody’s route to writing this hit movie was essentially through a blog she wrote as she worked as a stripper (at which blogger has unfortunately not kept up). Sure that’s a salacious story, but she is also an extraordinary writer IMHO and probably would have made it even if she had started a blog about something as mundane as t-shirts :-) (listen to the Fresh Air interview with Reitman and Cody)

Now before I go down the T-shirt rabbit hole I have to tell you this is a wonderful movie and if you have the means I suggest you head out to the movies when it opens in your area (I think it’s just NY/LA now). The style of the movie reminded me in many ways of a Wes Anderson movie but with more down to earth characters, so quirky but in a believable way. The combination of Reitman’s directing and Cody’s super writing make for an awesome combination. Also as Rex at Fimoculous has already pointed out this has got an outstanding soundtrack.

But the t-shirt connections here are interesting as well. The t-shirt I feature above is of a pregnant Japanese comic book hero called Most Fruitful Yuki, which I hope at some point people can buy. Apparently quite a few different shirts were made up to promote this during the early screenings, including the one below quoting a line that Rainn Wilson delivered as Juno frantically shook a pregnancy test hoping to erase the plus sign.

Junotshirt 01
found at SlashFilm

Even more interesting to me was when I discovered another Diablo Cody current blog, where lo and behold I find her reviewing T-shirt companies, a woman after my own heart surely, I mean, listen to this.

I am a T-shirt person. I have at least 30 in rotation at any given time. I even have cotton-jersey bed sheets so I can feel as though I am swaddled in a giant T-shirt when I slumber in the arms of Morpheus.

Here are a couple of shots of Diablo modeling some organic, fair trade shirts from District Cotton

Photo 31 Thumb

Photo 30 Thumb

If you want to keep up with Diablo Cody, who seems to change blogs like underwear, you can find her here

Oh and Diablo consider this an open invitation to guest post about t-shirts any time.

Pink Mink T-Shirts and Accessories FTW

I think I’m in love, who ever thinks up Pink Mink Boutique’s designs has got a brilliant sense of humor, from the Princes Bride inspired T-shirt

Inigo 1 Large 01

to the James Bond inspired panties

Galorered 1 Large 01

to the PWND choker

Pwnd Large 01

Keep it up Pink Mink FTW!

Captcha “prove your not a robot” t-shirt

shirt captcha

Now this is a t-shirt that Dekard out of Blade Runner could have used, better than the Voight-Kampff machine maybe :-) As a bonus i’ll give another $25 gift certificate to the best mashup of this t-shirt and an image of Dekard, post images online and link to them or embed them in the comments, cheers.

Crush3r is actually a kind of evite type service, but clearly a lot cooler, i personally hate evite and am always looking for other options.


I found this sweet shirt on the Crave blog and I can’t wait to get one.

Captcha Shirt

I am constantly annoyed by Captcha related web tasks so this shirt rings true and I like how it is constantly challenging those who meet me to prove they are not a robot. I wonder if I can out any closet robots!?!

Crush3r is a web 2.0 invite company that allows you to create invitations using an embedded css editor for easy personalization.

I am Josh Smith a self confessed t shirt addict and I currently run a blog related to gaming, technology and how to articles as well as a dorm moving and storage company called

Thanks Josh, that is an awesome t-shirt your $25 threadless gift certificate is on the way! Go buy some more threadless shirts and fund some more gift certificates for everyone :-)

Color Coded Criminals (Resevoir Dogs) – New From Threadless

resevoir dogs

This could be a whole line of t-shirts, famous movie scenes acted out by crayons. i particularly like this one called color coded criminals, a wonderful homage to one of my favorite Tarantino movies, The Reservoir Dogs (I have the Mr Pink edition of it on DVD). If you haven’t checked out the soundtrack I highly recommend it.

Brilliant Insider Joke Movie T-Shirts from Last Exit To Nowhere

Here’s a selection of t-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere that specializes is nice subtle t-shirts inspired by brilliant movies. The genius of these t-shirts is that they are jokes that not everyone gets, and being the movie nerd that I am i love that. These are t-shirts that become a secret handshake between those that know and love these films, almost as good as the tees are the quotes that go along with them.

little lebowski
“They’re not literally his children.”


“The review for ‘Shark Sandwich’ was merely a two word review which simply read ‘Shit Sandwich’.”

“The other members of the crew, Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash and Captain Dallas, are dead.”