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Never Give Up On Your Stupid Stupid Dreams

Stupiddreams 300

This is my new favorite t-shirt Never Give Up Your Stupid Stupid Dreams from a new T-shirt company called Space Pancake. They are new so the designs are limited, but these two are my favorites (the never give up Tee reminds me very much of my other fav shirt All My Friends Are Dead).

Stupiddreams Photo

Forbidden love, the design below, will i’m sure appeal to the folks trying to differentiate between a Giant Squid and a Collosal Squid (which if you didn’t know the colossal one has hooks in each of its suckers, I know, restores faith in the internets).
Forbiddenlove 300

She’s Dead, Get Over It and other ideas from –

she’s dead, get over it
She’s Dead, Get Over It

I love the youtube commercial that comes along with this:

Well I’ve got to say I like Goatboys stuff, provocative and amusing at the same time. Not really high falutin design, but strong ideas, all printed on American Apparel (which seems odd to me, isn’t there an Australian Apparel, or some other sweatshop free alternative, using AA means shipping products halfway around the world which means a shit load of waste, even more if I ordered one and had it shipped back, but anyway, I digress).

Exploring the Goatboy’s site turns out to be a bit of playful experience with random, and often NSFW images showing up where you expect product shots, although some of them are pretty funny, and none are that bad.

boring blog
Your Blog Is Fucking Boring

who would jesus
Who Would Jesus Bomb

No secret word for this post, i’ll try and do one later for my friends on the other side of the world who keep missing out when I do it in the morning.

The Best Of SXSW T-Shirt Collection on Flickr

SXSW (South By South West) Interactive is a long running interactive festival held annually in Austin Texas, where geeks get together and share their best work, and geek out. One aspect of geeking out is obviously wearing geek T-shirts and it seems they have outdone themselves this year, and thanks to Smith Magazine who put together a flickr photo set of the T-shirts we have a great collection to peruse online. There are a lot of them so i’ll pic my favs.

Most Hyped Service – Twitter

Wearing my Twitter Shirt

This T-shirt and the various T-shirt ideas from David Armano at Logic+Emotion illustrate the hype around twitter, I haven’t got into the service yet but feel like I will through peer pressure soon.

Best Boobs

Talk Nerdy to me
(leave a comment if you know where to buy this shirt, I found lots of versions but not this one)

Best Inside Joke

Matthew Barney

Based on the classic “who the fuck is Mick Jagger” this is probably the ultimate inside joke at SWSX (i’m guessing), look up Matthew Barney on wikipedia to know more (he’s an esoteric interactive artist who dates Bjork)

Nerdiest T-shirt

Access Points

Most Interactive

Sxsw Loser

Tip of the hat

HONK if you’re going to run over me


That genius that is threadless has many gems, I like this one a lot. I also fancy the girl who’s just about to get run over :-)

Crazy Like Fox News T-Shirt – New From

BUY NOW Starting at just $15

A true tcritic original inspired by the Colbert Report. Get them before Fox gets me :-)

Comes in white, pink, blue, and pebble, regular, fitted, babydoll, and youth S,M,L, XL, and I even purchased the EPS of the foxnews logo so it’ll be nice and sharp, not like one ripped off their web site.

Powered by the good folks at goodstorm

Grief In T-Shirt Form


This was actually the phrase that inspired me to do a t-shirt blog. It was based upon a daily show skit after the bombing in london exactly one year ago. The daily show correspondent said (i’m paraphrasing)

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the brits here, no bumper stickers, no t-shirts, they just seem to be carrying themselves with quiet dignity and strength. Personally John, I like my grief in T-shirt form”.

So anyway, I made this shirt at Goodstorm is a very interesting company that allows you to design your own t-shirts and sell them online. They’re rates are super fair, and the tools to create shirts are pretty good. It’s a great place to create a t-shirt shop without losing your shirt, so to speak :-)



Should have worn this to the game today

Greece T-shirt from BustedTees
Originally uploaded by karllong.

Irony? Non Sequitur?

Reminds me of the classic “this is not a pipe” picture from Magritte.

Now that should be a t-shirt!


Save Screech, buy a t-shirt

Save Screech, buy a t-shirt
Originally uploaded by karllong.

Buyer Beware folks, we’re getting lots of reports that screech is not delivering the shirts ordered

Seriously, the bank is foreclosing on Screeches house. Not sure why, seeing as they’ve been re-running Saved By The Bell on Adult Swim, and surely screech is getting mondo royalties. Anyway, maybe Screech is on crack, so go buy a t-shirt and show your support for Screech. Save Screech, buy a t-shirt

Save Screech, buy a t-shirt
Save Screeches House

Pre-Pixelated as Opposed to Pre-Shrunk

pre-pixelated For all your reality show needs, pre-pixelated shirts, for those companies that won’t pay to be included. It always makes me wonder what they do at the show, do they call up nike and say “hey one of our contestants is wearing a shirt of yours, pay us and we’ll leave it visible, otherwise the logo gets it”. I wonder how many companies cave to that kind of racketeering. Personally if I was going on a reality show I would wear as many logos as possible so my whole body would appear on camera as a shifting mass of pixels.

I’m Not In Love

I am in love with this t-shirt, it is a statement with great depth and irony on a t-shirt. Maybe it makes me vaklempt because I am not in love. It’s created by a London based design shop, who have taken their awesome design chops and put them to work on some shirts, my question is, how do we get them in the US.



Tip Of The Hat

I “heart” NY too

Bravo, great bit of juxtoposition, and something that will get a grin, especially in NY.