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Sometimes I Buy T-Shirts – Ffee Clothing Package Design

Ffee Clothing Packaging

Hey all, I could not resist buying this T-Shirt from Ffee clothing the other day, and having purchased it for my own personal consumption I had not planned on reviewing it as I have a bunch of samples waiting for my attention. That being said, when I opened the package I was so impressed I had to take some snaps and post about it.

The T-shirt came in a really nice canvas bag, with a rough string tied in a bow, and once you opened the bag you found the T-shirt (obviously), a sticker, moo-card, and water pistol. Sure it doesn’t make the T-Shirt any better (although Ffee stuff is very nice, labeless, soft, an uses water based inks), but it made the experience that much more memorable. Talking about memorable two other companies that stood out when I got their packages were Johnny Cupcakes and Oddica, check them out. Any of you guys have any T-Shirt/clothing companies that stood out through their packaging?

Ffee Clothing Packaging

On a slightly different topic, I’m sorry i’ve been a bit MIA recently but things have been getting crazy busy this month. Just to give you a snippit, ‘m going to be teaching a course at the Academy of Art University in Social Media (so i’m putting the curriculum together), speaking at the Inverge Conference in Portland at the beginning of September (putting a presentation together), trying to get a line of T-shirts printed (talking to designers, artists, licensing, contracts etc.), trying to get a press pass for the Magic Conference in Las Vegas for August 25th to 27th, oh and I have a full time job, oh and how about trying to maintain a social life. Anyway, if you have emailed me, sent me samples, or invited me to your facebook group I may not have responded, so forgive me.

Cool T-Shirts and Stuff I Found at the Haight St Fair

Went to my first Haight Street Fair last sunday which is a huge annual street fair in San Francisco with lots of different vendors, including a hell of lot of T-Shirts. The fair runs for at least a mile with a stage at each end with bands and DJ’s performing all day. I’m glad to say I found some new T-shirt designs and designers, and also ran into some old friends as well.

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I think one of my favorite new designers/artisans is Jenifer Kirsch who’s line is called Juror2 – Exceptionally Curious T-shirts. Jennifer is an amazing “one man” t-shirt band, who designs, draws and hand screens all here shirts. She was even screening shirts right there at the festival when I met her. I took a few pictures of her at work.

Juror 2 Comp

Juror 2 Detail


Oaklandish was also new to me, and which appears to be another Oakland based T-shirt company fiercely loyal to their town. I wonder if Oakland suffers the same sort of feeling that it’s playing second fiddle to San Francisco, as Cambridge does to Boston? I wonder if this kind of urban nationalism stems from a kind of inferiority complex, I mean they don’t call it the Peoples Republic of Cambridge for nothing :-) Anyway, Oaklandish has some great prints and are worth checking out whether you live in Oakland or not.


One thing they do have on San Francisco is it is warmer :-)

More Oakland love from another new t-shirt company, Like Minded People. These guys aim for designs that aim to be a bit more thoughtful and meaningful than the often flip slogans we find on a lot of T-shirts. Their tag line “clothing for the conscious inspired by life” expresses pretty well what their sentiments are, and they have some great designs as well. All the shirts are hand printed using water based inks on AA.


Cardtownhimpic 11
The Town t-shirt of course has the famous Oakland dock crane that is said to have inspired the AT-AT’s in the Empire Strikes Back. (also i’m listening to an amazing CD these guys gave me as well, apparently the founder is a bit of a DJ as well)

TwoTreeDesigns also new to me but has some nice prints, lots of audio inspired goodness.

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Dreamtime Creations were there with all your burningman costume needs, and some really nicely detailed shirts. The addition of another fabric as sort of piping around the sleeves, collar and the hem made these shirts really stand out.


(unfortunately the web address on their card doesn’t have anything related to this

Custom Industries who I’ve met before at Threadshow were there and are having a huge clearance sale, 50% off folks, check them out, they’ve got Hoodies, Zippies, Long Sleeved themals and of course a bunch of T-Shirts. I can vouch for the nice quality of the shirts.

Buddhas Orange

Buddhas Orange gfx

Old friends I caught up with included Fiftyseven-Thirtythree who were rocking some amazing new hoodies, the details on the linings to the hoods, the airbrushed designs, and details made these really stand out. They also had some new t-shirt designs that I was digging as well.



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Check out their Etsy store for all their stuff

Of course San Franpsycho were there doing their live screen-printing in front of what seemed to be a sell out crowd, these guys always attract a lot of interest with their screening shenanigans :-)


One of the few things I bought were some sunglasses from a new indie eyewear company called Irie Eyewear, check them out.

Oh, and this is not a T-Shirt but damn well should be :-)

You can see all my pictures from the fair here on flickr.

Oakland T-Shirt by Deth at

Deth Paperplane

I really like the hand drawn feel of this t-shirt and the yellow on the brown works very well. gathers a bunch of artists work on this site from T-Shirts, prints, bags, jewelry etc. They also have interviews and pictures of their artists in the meet and greet section, here’s the interview with Deth who designed that shirt.