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Full Bleed has 23 final pressings on sale for $8

I’m a huge fan of FullBleed’s designs and own several shirts and jackets from them. They are having a huge sale on some final pressings and for $8 are well worth checking out.

Also DesignByHumans is having a sale where all their shirts are $12.

Enjoy :)

The I In Team

I love typographic tricks so this I in Team T-Shirt certainly tickles me, another great shirt from Threadless :)

Great New T-Shirts from Fullbleed

(click on the image for higher rez version)

Fullbleed consistently produces such imaginative and well executed designs, they are certainly in my list of favorite T-Shirt companies. If you like Fullbleed you will probably also like the style from the British design company Airside.

Amazing Designer T-Shirts From and They Do Good

Design Give is a collaboration of artists who produce wonderfully designed T-Shirts and give a portion of the proceeds to a charity of the buyers choice. The extraordinary thing about these designs that sets them apart from most cause based clothing is how f’ing good they are. At $13 they represent amazing value as well, check them out as they have redesigned their site and IMHO raised the bar for web design. Oh, and I just bought all three of these :-)


by Samuel Sinaga

“My style is about curves,minimalism and vibrant illustration. I love the idea of a simple illustration being made from a series of complex ideas.”


by Maciej Rakowski

“The design is connected with problems that can occur in the heart. People often forget how important it is in our lives.”


by Carlos Quiterio

“The world is a beautiful place, filled with people who have made beautiful music. This is my dedication to one of those great people.”

I Feel Golden – Another Design-nerd T-Shirt

Love the “I Feel Golden” T-shirt from Brooklyn Industries, for $36 it is at the higher end, but i’m sure designers and photographers will love it.

Found via the T-Shirt fire hose that is rumplo

Great New T-Shirts and Site From Take Off Clothing


Great shirts from a new Australian company called Take Off Clothing, which I think is right up there when it comes to names for clothing companies. I like their simple, clean designs, and nice prints. The designs tend to be bold and iconic, using simple color combinations that work.


One of my favorite things about Take Off Clothing though is their web site, each time you look at a design, the entire screen background is replaced with a detailed view of that shirt. This is a superb approach and puts the design front and center. I find way too many T-shirt shops use tiny images of their T-Shirts so you have know real idea of the print quality or what the fabric is like. Big kudos to these chaps for this design, seriously, well done. Oh, my only complaint is you can’t link to the individual T-shirts, but hey, no one is perfect :-)

Screenshot Crop
(click on the image for full size picture of the screen shot)


Inmates for Liquid Soap T-Shirt – Preorder from ClothMoth

I love this new T-Shirt from Cloth Moth, as with all of Joshua’s work it is very witty, and a joke you have to think about for a second before you get it and smile. The horizontal stripes make the whole t-shirt part of the joke as opposed a blank canvas. This shirt will be brilliant for halloween folks.

On a side Joshua added a baby girl to the family yesterday July 7th so congrats on the new addition to the family and I expect some witty onesies from Cloth Moth soon :-)

Check out other Cloth Moth shirts i’ve covered previously here.

Viva Ortegacy – very limited edition hand screened t-shirts out of brooklyn

Index Winter

Viva Ortegacy is a great collection of beautifully designed and screened, very limited edition tshirts. The design above is called WINTER WAS HARD. Check out his shop on Etsy for more of his stuff.

Werewolf Tee
Werewolf Tee

pixel robot tee
Pixel Robot Tee

Imperfect Articles 72 hour 50% off Sale

Scottanderson Munti Store Detail

The weird and always wonderful Imperfect Articles store is having a 72 hour sale to make room for a new line. If I had any advice for these guys it would be to make get some photos of the shirts up and make the images as enticing as the copy. I’d also put this copy on the purchase page for any shirt and don’t hide it under the “about” section:

Merging a clothing brand and site-less gallery, Imperfect Articles takes an experimental approach to curatorial practice with limited-edition, hand-dyed and hand screen-printed t-shirts. Imperfect Articles challenges the relationship between image, audience and “exhibition” space with a new model of distribution that highlights work by emerging and established artists alike, conflating concepts of fine art, design and fashion.

Each shirt is an original, one-of-a-kind, numbered edition; our newest shirts are pressings of 30, 40 or 50 shirts only. Once the shirt is sold that’s it. All our shirts are hand-dyed, 100% cotton American Apparel short sleeve, fine jersey tees.

Royal art Lodge Poor People Store Detail

Jake Nickell’s T-Shirt Picks On Etsy

Jake Nickell founder of Threadless has done an interview with Etsy picking out some of his favorite T-Shirt designers and designs, I concur with Jake on most of his choices and pulled a couple of my favs. (I highly recomend subscribing to the Etsy blog, the Storque.

Slow Shirts – Hand Screened Original Drawings

I love the designs Slow Shirts is putting out there, so fucking good.
Il 430x n.26460411

Il 430x n.26460412

Il 430x n.29089978

And the test prints are real one of a kinds
Il 430x n.28646829

Cubist Literature – Re-Cycled T-shirts

Many of Cubist Literature shirts are hand drawn, recycled, inside out shirts :-) Unique? Check. Intriguing? Check. Awesome? Check.
Il 430x n.28549826 1

Il 430x n.28871045

Check out his blog for more weirdness


Enferno is a self taught 18 yo out of Utah who is doing some very unique designs.

Il 430x n.28555924

Il 430x n.28534305

Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique and had crafted stuff, any of you guys have any favorites?

RubyRags – Ruby on Rails T-Shirts Hand Screened in US

RubyRags is a new line of t-shirts for both people who like jewelry and people who only like to write their code once. Actually it’s primarily for people who like to use Ruby on Rails to build super cool web applications (twitter was developed on Ruby on Rails) quickly and efficiently. Ruby Rags is actually a side project by a Boston based consulting company that specializes in Ruby on Rails development called (hmm, maybe they can help me rebuild T-shirt war)

If you are unfamiliar Ruby on Rails is a web development framework made famous by 37signals (who employs the inventor of Ruby on Rails) that enables you to build web applications very quickly and efficiently.

Ruby City

Anyway, enough about Ruby, what about the T-shirts. Well I think they stand apart from most super niche shirts in the fact that they are hand screen printed in the US on American Apparel and feature professionally executed designs. These are shirts you can wear and even people who don’t know Ruby from a hole in the head will appreciate them.

Super Ruby

The web site is a very Ruby like experience as well, with nice clean design, and cool voting features for upcoming shirts.

Oh and if you are a core contributer you get 10% off.

Hand screened t-shirts from Hans and Fras

Some more hand screened shirts from Hans and Fras, I really like the unique designs and style, these shirts stand out in a big way.

Here’s what Hans and Frans sez:

“We are Hans and Fras and we wanted to invite you to check out our website. We’re a relatively new company about three months old. We’re a little different from most sites out there because we print all of our shirts by hand. We like to think it keeps us connected to our product and also the people who buy from us. We just released six new designs this weekend, we hope you check us out and we hope you like the shirts!”

Kowtow – Organic, Fair Trade, and F’ing Awesome T-Shirts

Sometimes t-shirt companies that tout organic, fair trade, and sustainable also produce some god awful boring designs, but not these guys. Kowtow is out of New Zealand and even though i’m not sure what $75 is in New Zealand currency i’m sure these Tees are worth it :-) I particularly like the Rhino fucking the Hummer, kind of like the old monkey fucking a football but on a much grander scale.

Read more about Kowtow here:

We have been certified by the the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation in every step of the way: From growing, spinning, dyeing, knitting, cutting, stitching, printing, embroidering, finishing to packing!

The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation is a recognised certification body that conducts periodic on-site inspections and external audits. We adhere to international fairtrade criteria for employment, work environment and socio-economic development. Our workers get independently assessed fair living wages which are usually higher than minimum legal wages, as well as medical, paid leave and retirement benefits, job training and free education for their dependants. A safe, fair and conducive work environment is provided where worker needs and issues are addressed, allowing employees to pursue a dignified livelihood while optimising productivity.

Amazingly Cool, Functional, Interactive T-Shirts from Shikisai

These t-shirts from Shikisai are so much fun, they have real interactive elements that make the designs come alive, like a venetian blind shirt that hikes up when you pull the cord, or real laces on the sneaker designs. They have some brilliant designs for the little ones as well in their Toddlers section.


I just found out you can buy the shirts online here at Zakka Corp.

David Lee Nagal – and Tcritic’s Birthday

david lee nagel

David Lee Nagel is a new t-shirt from the amazingly named Art in the age of Mechanical reproduction and is part of their spring/summer 2008 collection which you can see here. I should have one of these in the mail so i’ll update this when I get it with some close-ups etc.

On another topic May 7th is Tcritic’s 2nd birthday and I’d love to figure out something fun to do, any ideas feel free to add a comment here or drop me an email. The last couple of years have been so much fun and i’ve learned so much it’s been really incredible. I’ve tried my best over the last year to involve you guys as much as possible and I really appreciate it so much any time you make a comment or send me an email. I have to apologize that I can not reply to most of the emails I get but I do read them all.

Ironically the first post ever on Tcritic was Nobody Reads My Blog from Jinx

nobody reads my blog