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Overheard on Tatooine


How much of a Star Wars nerd do you have to be to love this and want it on a t-shirt? Not just me right? It’s by a guy called Doug Savage and the blog is called Savage Chickens. He does have a t-shirt store, cafe press, and none of the hysterical cartoons on them either.

What do you guys think of Cafe Press, if you’re buying a shirt is it a positive or negative thing? I personally like it when I know something is screen printed, maybe i’m a Luddite.

The Internet Was Closed Today – Threadless T-Shirt

Internet Closed 2

The Internet Is Closed and it’s a beautiful day in San Francisco today so get outside and stop reading the internets, we’ve all seen the Bill O’Reilly video and the kittens on the treadmill :-)

Internet Closed 1

Thanks Nick

Drupal Vader and RoboGames

drupal vader

Well I went out on friday for a happy hour co-hosted by hosting company (and awesome SF, art, culture and all round coolness blog) Laughing Squid (aka Scott Beale) and Robo Games organizer David Calkins. Scott (pictured below, sorry for the crappy picture) was sporting this awesome Darth Vader T-shirt and I discovered that it’s actually based on the Drupal logo and was just some schwag that the Raincity Studios team (a drupal based developer/community builder) put together for SXSW. I wish they would sell the damn thing, it’s awesome.

drupal logo


Some other really interesting bloggers at this event were Simone who authors SuicideBots about, you guessed it Robots; Ariel who writes ShakeWellBeforeUse on sex, advertising, and tech; Violet Blue who has a media empire built around sex, erotica and education; and video blogger and producer extaordinare of Eddie Codel.

BTW the next RoboGames is coming up in June and will be at Fort Mason in SF, take a look at some of the videos, looks like a blast:

Event Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 12-15, 2008
Time: Fri: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Sat: Noon-10 pm (ten hours of fun!!! )
Sun: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Where: Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, California

Kind of monster truck racing for nerds :-) You can buy tickets here, a nice touch is that active duty servicemen and their dependents get in free.

There is a secret word but you have to guess this time :-)

Weighted Companion Cube T-Shirts


If there was one empathetic relationship I had with a video game character last year it was with the Weighted Companion Cube in Valve’s amazing puzzle FPS Portal. If you have an xbox or pc I highly recommend getting the orange box if only to play portal :-)

A nice picture of the valve shirt from DeviantArt

cake is a lie
The cake is a lie from Jinx

cube hoodie
Companion Cube Hoodie from Etsy

Anyone else know of companion cube paraphernalia?

Another from Sebastian at Split Reason from the web comic Cntl+Alt+Delete web comic.
companion cube split reason

Law & Order/Batman Crimefighters T-shirt by Brandon Bird

Crimefighters Color Detail

From local illustrator Brandon Bird comes this great looking Law & Order Batman mashup “crimefighters” design. It certainly looks like the Dark Knight version of Batman, which is a film I’m really looking forward to.

Related see Batman lost a wheel and the recent Joker t-shirt

Via Topless Robots

Cute T-Shirts For Valentines Day

ThinkGeek T-Shirts will make you cool!

These are t-shirts that you buy as a pair and the closer you get to the other person wearing the T-shirt the more hearts light up on the T-Shirt. Sure they are Zelda hearts for nerds that know but hey, get these in a his and hers and your non-nerd partner never need know :-)

8 bit Dynamic Life Beforean

During your normal activities two and a half pixelated hearts will light up on your shirt. Hey… you’re depressed and in need of a recharge. But get within hugging distance of your significant other wearing the matching shirt and suddenly the hearts on both of your shirts start to light up until you’re fully powered up. Go too far astray from the source of your affections and you’ll drop back down to two and a half hearts again. Got it?

Stan Lee All The Time – Via Secret Headquarters


If I hadn’t watched Spiderman 3 last night, and heard about an interview with Stan Lee on Mahalo Daily with the beautiful Veronica Belmont I don’t think i’d be posting this today, but clearly the universe conspires. God Save Stan Lee!

Via HYA and BoingBoing

Lincoln Shot First by half pixel stuff

Lincoln Shot First

Lincoln Shot First is a t-shirt that you have to be a special kind of nerd to get :-)

All part of Indie-week which myself and FantasticBonanza are currently participating in :-)

Geek Week at Byebyetokyo


Check out geek week at byebyetokyo, anyone have any experience with the quality of their shirts?

I’m stuck in Chicago airport right now trying to get back to SF :-) Great party going on at the Supper Club celebrating their second anniversary and i’m on the guest list. It’s a pretty swish club with lots of beautiful people, always fun for people watching.

Captcha “prove your not a robot” t-shirt

shirt captcha

Now this is a t-shirt that Dekard out of Blade Runner could have used, better than the Voight-Kampff machine maybe :-) As a bonus i’ll give another $25 gift certificate to the best mashup of this t-shirt and an image of Dekard, post images online and link to them or embed them in the comments, cheers.

Crush3r is actually a kind of evite type service, but clearly a lot cooler, i personally hate evite and am always looking for other options.


I found this sweet shirt on the Crave blog and I can’t wait to get one.

Captcha Shirt

I am constantly annoyed by Captcha related web tasks so this shirt rings true and I like how it is constantly challenging those who meet me to prove they are not a robot. I wonder if I can out any closet robots!?!

Crush3r is a web 2.0 invite company that allows you to create invitations using an embedded css editor for easy personalization.

I am Josh Smith a self confessed t shirt addict and I currently run a blog related to gaming, technology and how to articles as well as a dorm moving and storage company called

Thanks Josh, that is an awesome t-shirt your $25 threadless gift certificate is on the way! Go buy some more threadless shirts and fund some more gift certificates for everyone :-)

Guitar [Han] Solo from Go Ape Shirts

guitar solo1

Go Ape, already a “Star Wars” hall of famer with their Boo Boo Walker has partnered with t-shirt desgner extraorinare, Tom Burns to hit us with another star wars themed t-shirt, this time its Guitar Solo. I have a couple of Go Ape shirts and they are great quality shirts and screen prints, they do run a little small on my (AA of course), so if you are a borderline size you should think about the bigger one.

guitar solo2

BTW anyone see the Family Guy season opener last night? it was an hour long Star Wars parody, genius.

That’s What She Twittered T-shirt by Cottyn


Some people will get it, others will not, in either case it might be a conversation starter, especially if are getting twitter updates via text message.

One additional feature I would like is the addition of a twitter short code, or ability to add your own username to the shirt, rather like the Reactee idea I wrote about a while ago. How much cooler than exchanging phone numbers than “adding” each other to your respective twitter feeds.

you want to follow me? I’m on twitter here

Via Fimoculous who is also twittering here (where I heard about this Tee)

StartupSchwag – Get Your Web2.0 T-shirts Here

startup schwag

Startup Schwag is a subscription service that for $14.95 per month will get you the “web2.0″ startup tshirt of the month. Each month it will be a surprise and there may even be some extra little Schwag like stickers etc. Startup Schwag is not a totally new idea as there used to be a service called ValleySchwag which did exactly the same thing but wasn’t really kept up by the founders, read more on TechCrunch about this.

I think it’s a great idea and good value for money, for 14.95 a month you get a new t-shirt every month, and if you think about the amount of startups that will flame out and fail you’re bound to acquire some true limited editions :-) Who wouldn’t want a t-shirt to wear nowadays, or a sock puppet t-shirt. Sure some of the companies will succeed and the value and irony of your schwag will probably be inversely proportional to that success, but hey, that’s the risk you take.

valleyschwag small
Sample contents of a vallyschwag package, eeek, including Goatse stickers :-)

Interestingly Read/WriteWeb points out an important differencein the fulfillment model between the defunct ValleySchwag and the new StartupSchwag, that being StartupSchwag will licence the Logos of the startup and print his own shirts. One of the things VallySchwag struggled with was tracking down the actual Schwag from new companies.

Other News:

Make Love Not Warcraft by Kompis Clothing

make love
Make Love Not Warcraft

This is from a Norwegian based clothing brand called Kompis Clothing, inspired by the South Park episode of the same name. I’m actually wearing the shirt right now, in an office where at least 50% of the people are warcrack addicts :-) The shirts are a bit pricey for people shopping from the US, but $5 of each sale does go to charities.

1$ goes to the environment organization Zero, 1$ goes to Amnesty International, 1$ goes to Psykisk Helse, 1$ goes to Save The Children/Redd Barna and 1$ goes to ØAs Stiftelse. This might seem to you as a marketing trick from our side, but we can ensure you that we’ve contacted all the organisations and they have approved that we can place a state in our webshop that we will donate the money to them.

24 Hour Church Of Elvis – Glow In The Dark T-Shirts

chrurch of elvis

Stephanie G. Pierce, who ran Portland’s legendary 24 Hour Church of Elvis from 1985 through 2001, is currently looking at new venues in order to re-open her legendary church of the bizarre and 24 hour coin-operated art gallery.

Help Stephanie open up the 24 Hour Church of Elvis by buying one of their fab t-shirts, come in white with black print, or black with glow in the dark print.

church of elvis t-shirt

coe logo

Thanks Laughing Squid