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Bark AT-AT The Moon Star Wars T-Shirt from EpicEmbrace

You only have 36 hours to get this shirt fro $10 from EpicEmbrace via the always awesome HideYourArms

Steam Wars from Lolmart

Love this Steam Wars shirt from the people at Lolcats, finally they seem to be spreading their wings and producing designs that are not necessarily to do with LOLcats. This shirt is avalable for $15 for the next 3 days, which provides a little more notice that many of the 24 hour t-shirt deals from shirt.woot and the like.

Also, a blast from the past, check out the increasingly inaccurately named Top Ten Star Wars t-shirt list from 2007

Steve Jobs Lives T-Shirt

Wear this shirt to spite all the fuckers who were shorting Apple’s stock on Steve Jobs health concerns. All I need now is a Fake Steve Jobs Lives shirt and I’ll be all set :) As my Mad Fin friend said “it should come in a turtle neck”.

Ampersand T-Shirts in a Variety of Fonts

If you like typographic t-shirts then you will probably get a kick out of, a typographic shop that just sells ampersands hand screened on T-shirts in a selection of cool fonts. They have fonts like Franklin Gothic, Arial, Baskerville, Palatino and quite a few more. Clever idea and if you hold with the theory that niche products often do well on the web I think this will do quite well.

I Feel Golden – Another Design-nerd T-Shirt

Love the “I Feel Golden” T-shirt from Brooklyn Industries, for $36 it is at the higher end, but i’m sure designers and photographers will love it.

Found via the T-Shirt fire hose that is rumplo

If You Can See Me the ChromaKey is Turned Off from Super Sweet Tees

ZOMG, how much of a geek do you have to be to get this shirt, or say ZOMG for that matter.

New Mark Ecko Star Wars T-Shirts

Now these are some fancy Star Wars T-shirts, I guess with the original fan base in the late 30′s Lucus Arts figures we can prolly afford some $34 shirts :-) I especially like the addition of features like gold foil.

I think my favs have to be the Princess Leia and the Darth Vader one.

Via Uncrate

Achievement Unlocked: Left House – New Stuff From Split Reason

If you have played Xbox you will recognize the familiar “achievement” icon that rewards various stages of gameplay, well Splitreason, the specialist in “Gaming Wear” have realeased a couple of fun items. I love the Achievement Unlocked: Left House T-shirt, because sometimes it’s so hard to do when you are trying to finish GTA, but the underwear cracks me up even more :-)

Tea Bag – Apply Directly To The Forehead – 20% off at Jinx!

The Tea Bag T-Shirt is something low-brow and geeky for Friday, a hysterical combination of the Head On commercial and the age old video game tradition of teabagging, great stuff, use coupon code “TEABAGU” for 20% off. On a side note I found this T-Shirt in a magazine that I had never heard of before called Geek Monthly, my only question is why don’t I have a freaking subscription to this?

Home Theater T-shirt – New from Threadless

I saw this shirt the other day on threadless when it was still being scored and knew it would soon be printed and it was.

Thanks to the Mad Finn who alerted me to this

Beating Heart LED T-Shirt – From Instructables

Check out this great Instructable on how to make your own “beating heart LED T-shirt“. If anyone else does something like this please send photos and i’ll update this.

Remember the Turn Signals built into your Hoodie from Makezine? These are cutting edge but i’m sure in the next couple of years led’s and “light emitting fabric” is going to start to become more prevalent.

turn signals in your hoodie

Super Soaker T-Shirt from Re-Think Clothing

Blacksoakerlowres 1

Love this Super Soaker design from ReThink clothing, too much fun. It also gives me the excuse to show this totally awesomely bad advertisement for the goo version of the Super Soaker called the Oozinator. File this under the “what were they thinking” category.

Anyway, ReThink is a pretty cool T-Shirt company that exclusively licenses designs from college students around the country.

Rethink Clothing is a fresh company with intentions of mixing up the clothing world. The premise is simple, great shirts from college designers. Yeah, that is right college designers. Not only are they from colleges across the nation, the profits go to college artists or any college or grad student who submits a great design. Rethink is in the opening phases and is currently looking for designs/artists.

UPDATE: Gizmodo picks this one up, thanks guys :-)

200 Nipples Limited Edition T-Shirts from 1 to 100 dollars


This T-Shirt from 200 Nipples is called RIP RIAA which I’m sure is a sentiment that many of us can get behind, and it’s intereresting that as this T-Shirt rails against an old business model, is being sold using a rather novel business model. Essentially 200 Nipples sell individually numbered limited editions of a T-Shirt with each number being sold from between $1 for number 1 to $100 for number 100. Here’s a screenshot of the buying page, as you can see lots of the spots have been sold, and some have a countdown running, which means it’s in someones cart right now.

Picture 76

This is similar in many ways to the web phenomenon from a couple of years ago called where someone sold 1000 paintings each of an individual number painted on a white canvas. These were dynamically priced so the price of remaining canvases went up as more of the paintings sold. The remaining canvases are selling for around $700 and on a secondary market are selling for as much as $3000.

T-Shirt for people that have to be First! by BustedTees

For all you people that have to be the first to comment this is the t-shirt for you :-) Comes in mens and womens.

In this case the first commenter gets a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate :-)

first detail

RubyRags – Ruby on Rails T-Shirts Hand Screened in US

RubyRags is a new line of t-shirts for both people who like jewelry and people who only like to write their code once. Actually it’s primarily for people who like to use Ruby on Rails to build super cool web applications (twitter was developed on Ruby on Rails) quickly and efficiently. Ruby Rags is actually a side project by a Boston based consulting company that specializes in Ruby on Rails development called (hmm, maybe they can help me rebuild T-shirt war)

If you are unfamiliar Ruby on Rails is a web development framework made famous by 37signals (who employs the inventor of Ruby on Rails) that enables you to build web applications very quickly and efficiently.

Ruby City

Anyway, enough about Ruby, what about the T-shirts. Well I think they stand apart from most super niche shirts in the fact that they are hand screen printed in the US on American Apparel and feature professionally executed designs. These are shirts you can wear and even people who don’t know Ruby from a hole in the head will appreciate them.

Super Ruby

The web site is a very Ruby like experience as well, with nice clean design, and cool voting features for upcoming shirts.

Oh and if you are a core contributer you get 10% off.