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Jizz In My Pants – All That Jizz T-Shirt

Kung Fu Nation have created this homage to the hysterical SNL/lonely Island Jizz in my Pants song which has recieved over 20 Million viewings on Youtube. I really like that Kung Fu Nation created an original design as opposed to just mindlessly copying the key phrase from the song. All That Jizz is a great idea.

If you have not seen it yet, check it out, I must have watched it ten times already, Samberg and the gang are on top form. I’ve even been developing a small amount of admiration for Justin Timberlake who has had some fun little cameo’s in Lonely Island stuff.

Cougar Magnum T-Shirt from Vig Tees

Just found out about Vig Tees and I love their line, and having just turned 39 i’m probably getting into cougar territory and could probably use a Cougar Magnum T-shirt. At first glance it kind of looks like another college humor t-shirt site, but I find their designs have an additional element of sophistication, especially the Finger Bang t-shirt :-)

Inmates for Liquid Soap T-Shirt – Preorder from ClothMoth

I love this new T-Shirt from Cloth Moth, as with all of Joshua’s work it is very witty, and a joke you have to think about for a second before you get it and smile. The horizontal stripes make the whole t-shirt part of the joke as opposed a blank canvas. This shirt will be brilliant for halloween folks.

On a side Joshua added a baby girl to the family yesterday July 7th so congrats on the new addition to the family and I expect some witty onesies from Cloth Moth soon :-)

Check out other Cloth Moth shirts i’ve covered previously here.

Uranus and The Shunning T-Shirts from Cloth Moth

Uranus 1

I got a few sample shirts in the mail last week from Joshua at Cloth Moth, and I’ve got to say i’ve had a very positive experience with them so far. The shirts are very good quality and the prints are really nice screen prints, and as for the jokes i’ve had a lot of laughs and giggles from people. The thing I really like about the humor on Cloth Moth shirts is that they tend to be a slow burn, people have to think for a bit and then the penny drops, I think they get funnier over time the longer you live with them, which is rather unusual for T-Shirt humor which tends to immediately beat you over the head and then seem rather stupid a week later.

Uranus 2

I’ve had a great reaction to The Shunning, it just seems to make people smile.


Not only do they have a nice selection of subtly humorous t-shirts they also have some baby onesies so if you are reproducing you should check them out as well.

Oh and if you want to lampoon all the Bloomingdale poseurs get yourself a Dangly Brown Sack :-)


The Troops Are Having a Blast


Censored Document from Headlineshirts is very clever and very poignant at the same time.

censored document

Menergy or Power Thirst should be a T-shirt

Found this in the 2007 YouTube Awards under comedy, I would buy a Powerthirst, Menergy T-shirt :-) Best lines

“made with real lightning”

“Shockolate, Chocolate energy, like adding chocolate to an electrical storm”

“Sports, you’ll be good at them”

UPDATE you might want to see the second one they do for College Humor PowerThirst 2, thanks for pointing that out Suzie.

As it turns out the guys that put this together at PicnicFace do have Turbopuns and 400 babies on t-shirts :-)


400 babies

T-Shirts for Venture Capitalists from – buy the t-shirt or the company


Just launched yesterday is a site that not only sells very funny t-shirts targeted to VC’s for $100 you can also buy the company while your at it for $100,000, just add it to your shopping cart. I can’t think of a more perfect targeting strategy for selling a company than creating a line of goods specifically targeted to VC’s, genius.

Buy vc Wear

via mashable

All My Friends Are Dead T-Shirt and the 20 creepiest album covers ever

Amfadnew 01

All My Friends Are Dead is one of my favorite t-shirts, i’m actually wearing it right now. The shirt is always getting comments, some people think it’s very funny, others think it’s sad, it seems to work on so many levels. Anyway, a friend of mine just sent me a link to the 20 creepiest album covers, which is hysterical BTW, and I found this album cover. Coincidence? Inspiration? What say you guys at big stone head?

all my friends are dead album cover

Oh, and this has to be the inspiration for Smell The Glove by Spinal Tap :-)


Law & Order/Batman Crimefighters T-shirt by Brandon Bird

Crimefighters Color Detail

From local illustrator Brandon Bird comes this great looking Law & Order Batman mashup “crimefighters” design. It certainly looks like the Dark Knight version of Batman, which is a film I’m really looking forward to.

Related see Batman lost a wheel and the recent Joker t-shirt

Via Topless Robots

Pink Mink T-Shirts and Accessories FTW

I think I’m in love, who ever thinks up Pink Mink Boutique’s designs has got a brilliant sense of humor, from the Princes Bride inspired T-shirt

Inigo 1 Large 01

to the James Bond inspired panties

Galorered 1 Large 01

to the PWND choker

Pwnd Large 01

Keep it up Pink Mink FTW!

Ho On The Go T-shirt and emergency kit for one night stands

ho on the go 1

If there was going to be a “best in threadshow” Ho On The Go would totally be in the running. It’s basically a little emergency overnight kit that you throw in your purse when you go out “just in case”, containing a toothbrush, two condoms (in case you’re really lucky), a fresh pair of undies, and a moist towelett. Of course if you also dress up in a “Ho On The Go” t-shirt your odds of getting lucky dramatically increase i’m sure.

ho on the go 2

And don’t worry gents coming soon is an equivalent kit for guys called the Manwhore.

ho on the go 3

Again one of the great things about Threadshow was meeting the people behind the idea and the business. In chatting to the founders I discovered that the idea actually came from one of their friends who really was throwing a some fresh undies and a toothbrush in her purse, and when asked what she was doing she replied that it was her Ho On The Go Kit, genius.

Ask Me About My Crippling Shyness – New T-shirt from Glarkware

ask me

T-shirts are often conversation starters and Ask Me About My Crippling Shyness is a doozy. It’s new and it’s from Glarkware, check it out.

ask me detail

Coole Designs From Little Paper Planes

Winning the War Against Trees


Love these shirts from Littlepaperplanes. The second one is an awesomely hand drawn skeletor, any he-man fans out there?

Somewhat related, I love the super villain car pool from robot chicken:

Thanks for the link Eric!

This Person Is Rated… Another Reader Submission T-shirt winner

Ok, you guys are awesome, this is another t-shirt submission from a reader, Andy from Fort Wayne, IN, who pointed me to this web comic called who also create t-shirts inspired by the comics that they do. I think this “this person is rated…” t-shirts are brilliant.

trailer tees

Swingers anyone? Remember that bit where Vince Vaughn’s character is trying to persuade Jon Favreau’s character to chat up a girl:

Trent: I don’t want you to be the guy in the PG-13 movie everyone’s *really* hoping makes it happen. I want you to be like the guy in the rated R movie, you know, the guy you’re not sure whether or not you like yet. You’re not sure where he’s coming from. Okay? You’re a bad man. You’re a bad man. You’re a bad man, bad man.

trailer tee text

This t-shirt is so money and doesn’t even know it :-)

Viva La Evolucion – Busted Tees

I wrote a little while ago about bustedtees and said that they didn’t create many new designs. Well i got an email from a contact there letting me know that they are on a design kick and are planning on releasing 2 new designs a week, I think for a year. Anyway, I particularly like the Viva La Evolucion design, it works as a pun and political statement IMHO, perfect for any evangelical teenagers that want to rebel.

Busted Tee’s is a sponsor but I wouldn’t post about this unless I liked it


Here’s the painting that the t-shirt is based on:

monkey painting