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Chor Bazaar – Cool Designs From India


I really like these designs, their from a small company called Chor Bazaar based in India that does designs celebrating aspects of Indian culture, without the usual stereotypes. The one with the car is called the “AMBASSADOR: 18 cc’s of Indian Cadillac ruling the roads since 1948“. I personally really like to see good design and ideas coming from where we often associate cheap labor and sweatshops. Ironically a lot of Chor Bazaar stuff is printed on American Apparel.

india postage
INDIA STAMP: Rock Ashoka’s Lions with pride. HINDUSTAN!

Pook T-shirts Worth A look – Voiture


Voiture T-Shirt (means Carrage) from the French T-shirt company Pook

Hat Tip – T-shirts Around the Internet

I Was There

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Well, I wish I was there, anyway, thought this was a great shot from The Coke Group Blog

Lets go England :-)

Trust me, i’m from Canada

trust me i'm from canada t-shirt Shout out to my local bar tender at the Briny Pub in Pompano Beach FL. I was telling her about Tcritic, and she loved the idea, and even gave me site to look at,, and I’ve got to say it’s a good call. This is the perfect T-shirt for you Americans to wear when you go off on that trip to Europe :-)

Run Forest Run – Brazilian T-Shirts from Camiseteria

Awesome t-shirts from Brazil (i think), i’m not sure but they seem to be a kind of Brazilian Threadless that enables voting on t-shirt designs and encourages people to submit designs. Anyway, I love this one, even more poignant coming from South America.

I wonder how much it costs to get them shipped to the states?

From the malaysian rubber council

Do it. Safely.
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I don’t know where to buy this shirt, but it rather reminds me of the whole consortium advertising. “beef, it’s what’s for dinner” and “go to work on an egg” and “I’ve got one word for you…. Plastics”. Anyway, how about a malaysian rubber, sounds rather exotic

Calvin & Hobbes in Danish

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This was a great find in Denmark. Calvin & Hobbes was never licenced so this was quite a find. It’s super old now, like 10 years or something, shame really, it used to start a lot of conversations.

Roughly translated it means “cool bannannas wear dark glasses”