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Mona Lisa + KISS double feature T-Shirts

The talented Oakland team 5733 put out this awesome Mona Lisa/KISS design on a burnout t-shirt. At $42 it’s not the cheapest but these guys do great quality stuff, it’s well worth exploring their site for really stylish and edgy t-shirts and hoodies for both men and women.

Interestingly I found another Mona Lisa + KISS mashup at Threadless, I wonder how many times this has been done? Anyway, you can be sure that threadless is going to be a little less costly, but you are far more likely to run into someone else wearing the same shirt, but that can be fun :) Also it comes as a pretty rad hoodie.

Tired of Ed Hardy T-shirts, yeah me too, check out “to die for”

to die for 1

I just got an email from the guys at To Die For Clothing and I’ve got to say I kind of like there stuff. There designs are inspired by graffiti, tattoos, and other art, and the results are pretty cool. I generally don’t like design companies where they use there names in a lot of the designs, but somehow it works for To Die For, because it seems to be more focused on the wearer as opposed to the design company. Anyway, if your tired of seeing Ed Hardy shirts everywhere you look check these guys out.

to die for 2

Cut Cut Cut New T-shirt from Mishka NYC


Mishka NYC has just created a line of limited edition t-shirts they are selling through their web site. Some pretty cool designs and if you poke around there site you can find other categories of t-shirts like the “cold war collection” that are empty, so maybe they are working on some more.


Scr-Emo T-Shirt from Threadless

Scre mo 425

I know everyone was asking me to smile in my last pic, well how about a scream. This is an awesome shirt called Scr-Emo. I also like the other Emo joke Tee called Emo-ticon.


For any fans of “emo girl” will love this T. (an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck :-)