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Artevist – An Eco-Friendlier T-Shirt Competition is kind of like threadless but with an Eco-friendly focus, encouraging designs that tackle issues big and small. It’s a pretty vibrant community with, in addition to the T-shirt competition, forums, classifieds, and events. They use eco-friendly processes and some interesting fabrics including bamboo/cotton blends.

This 70% Bamboo/ 30% Organic Cotton Tee comes in men’s crew-neck and women’s V-neck styles, with men’s Tees having reinforced tape in the neck and shoulders and extra top-stitching on the armholes. Cotton adds a bit more body and opacity to the T-shirt, without taking away from the silky-soft drape and light weight of bamboo.

Our bamboo Tees are made in S. Carolina by Bamboosa with fibre imported from China, then water-based dyed a few miles away in N. Carolina by T.S. Designs.

T-Shirt in support of Myanmar/Burma

Buy a Myanmar Cyclone Relief T-Shirt to help mend Myanmar. 100% of the proceeds go to IDE’s efforts aiding the cyclone victims of Myanmar. All shirts are $25 including shipping.

Thanks to Rumplo for the tip

Radiohead Official MTV Video – Why Fair Trade Is Important

Some things cost more than you think and the same goes for T-shirts! check out and the UN’s ILO’s (International Labor Organization) Global Alliance against Forced Labour

From the relatively new but awesome fashion blog SetYourStyle blog

Kowtow – Organic, Fair Trade, and F’ing Awesome T-Shirts

Sometimes t-shirt companies that tout organic, fair trade, and sustainable also produce some god awful boring designs, but not these guys. Kowtow is out of New Zealand and even though i’m not sure what $75 is in New Zealand currency i’m sure these Tees are worth it :-) I particularly like the Rhino fucking the Hummer, kind of like the old monkey fucking a football but on a much grander scale.

Read more about Kowtow here:

We have been certified by the the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation in every step of the way: From growing, spinning, dyeing, knitting, cutting, stitching, printing, embroidering, finishing to packing!

The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation is a recognised certification body that conducts periodic on-site inspections and external audits. We adhere to international fairtrade criteria for employment, work environment and socio-economic development. Our workers get independently assessed fair living wages which are usually higher than minimum legal wages, as well as medical, paid leave and retirement benefits, job training and free education for their dependants. A safe, fair and conducive work environment is provided where worker needs and issues are addressed, allowing employees to pursue a dignified livelihood while optimising productivity.

Masturbate With Organic Cucumbers T-Shirt

organic masterbater

I love this t-shirt, absolutely hysterical. Wear this to your local farmers market.

Patagonia T-Shirt Exhibition Tomorrow – Santa Monica, CA

nikki mcclure

Patagonia started a line of print t-shirts a while ago that focused on natural materials and artists that they at Patagonia admire like Nikki McClure who designed the t-shirt above. Well they are having a T-Shirt exhibition tomorrow in Santa Monica which looks interesting so if you’re in the area drop in. It’s a bit far for me but i’d love to hear from anyone that goes, although it’s pretty short notice.

Patagonia T-Shirt Exhibit
Opening reception: 29 March 2008, 8-10pm
2936 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405 map
tel. +1 310 314 1776

You should also check out their Footprint Chronicle which is an interactive tool to show the impact of where materials are sourced and manufactured and takes you through the process that often spans the world.


Coole Designs From Little Paper Planes

Winning the War Against Trees


Love these shirts from Littlepaperplanes. The second one is an awesomely hand drawn skeletor, any he-man fans out there?

Somewhat related, I love the super villain car pool from robot chicken:

Thanks for the link Eric!