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Bailout This Package – by Print Liberation

Bailout This Package from the guys who brought us the excelent Under New Management T-Shirt, great job.

Teh Internets T-Shirt from The Chop Shop with annotations

I don’t know how I missed this but I love the Internet Meme t-shirt from Chop Shop. Even better, when I did a quick search online I found out (via Laughingsquid) that Dave Shea has annotated the t-shirt with notes on flickr with links to all the memes.

Dave also did the same thing for the Robots shirt that the chop shop recently came out with.

Wikipedia is Accurate (Citation needed) T-Shirt


I love this new shirt from Busted Tees, delicious irony.

I’m Banksy T-Shirt by


Demonstrate your interest in arts and culture to the ladies (or men) by wearing the I’m Banksy shirt, much better than the NPR tote bag that you show off with at the Trader Joes.

Via the alwasy culturally literate Fimoculous

Although I do think the I’m Banksy shirt is just a derivative work of the “I Am The Stig” T-shirt from Top Gear :-)

I am the stig

Of course Top Gear have moved on to other shirts like “I’m Not The Stig” and “I’m The Stig’s Fat Cousin”.